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you have to understand what bullying mean first before getting into depth. so what is bully? Bullying has been conceived broadly as the systematic abuse of power(1). It is a form of aggressive behavior perpetrated by a more powerful individualor group that is unfair or unjustified and is typically repeated (Ken Rigby, PhD and Phillip Slee, PhD 2014). Bullying is a serious issue when it comes down to it and has been happening for years.

Bullying causes more harm than you know and can have a major impact on students. Bullying can lead to many things such as suicide, self-esteem issues of the victim, and violence. For example, victims of school bullyingare more likely to suffer serious mental health disorders,such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, and unhappiness,and are at greater risk for committing suicide (Seokjin Jeong,Dae-Hoon Kwak,Byongook Moon,and Claudia San Miguel 2013). the main forms of bullying is verbally, physically, and cyberbullying. verbal bullying is when students pick or call the victim names, physical bullying is when victim is getting abused due to hitting, and cyberbullying when its bullying from electonic device in many forms. To prevent bullying in schools it will take building better environments for students, administration and parents talking about it, and enforcing rules.

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students need to feel safe and know that when the bullying starts to occur it will be dealt with. building in better enviorment for students will prevent bullying from occuring. for example, by the teachers and parents coming together they will have “a better understanding of the problem and promoting more pro-social attitudes and empathic feelings towards others; or alternatively by reducing themotivation to bully by involving students more deeply in school-related study.” (Ken Rigby, PhD and Phillip Slee, PhD 2014)bullying is a major issue and needs to be acknowledged and talked about. By involving administration and parents to communicate with students that bullied other student it will be reduced.

students need to understand the dangers of bullying which can seriouslly harm others. hearing it from an adult point of view rather its the parent or teacher will inform the students bullying is not tolerable. For example, found in the studies by Hirschstein et al. (2007) and Henry et al.

(2000) teachers that are coaching and disciplining the students who bullied others was found to be associated with less victimisation and aggression (Fu-Li Chen and Ying-Lin Chen, Peter Y. Chen, Yiqiong Li 2017). teachers should be motivating and making the students in the classroom should have a positive feeling when entering to help them want ton do better rather wanting to make some one else feel down. The achievement of a positive classroom climate in which students are well motivated and interested in their work is seen as an important factor in reducing bullying (12).

(Ken Rigby, PhD and Phillip Slee, PhD 2014) students need to know the punishment and rules when they particpate in bullying. based on the study by Seokjin Jeong,Dae-Hoon Kwak,Byongook Moon,and Claudia San Miguel, “students who believe that school rules are fairly and strictly administrated will be less likely to have bullying victimization than other students who distrust school’s discipline management”. enforcing rules to the students will assure them that bullying is serious and needs to stop. according to “Predicting School Bullying Victimization: Focusing on Individual and School Environmental/Security Factors” by the teacher not enforcing the rules or guidelines “lower levels of involvement by teachers in the establishmentand enforcement of policies on aggressive student behavior were associated with higher rates of bullying and victimiza-tion” (Seokjin Jeong,Dae-Hoon Kwak,Byongook Moon,and Claudia San Miguel 2013).


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