yes to cover a greater area, they

yes to cover a greater area, they

yes i consider group decision making as an important tool because group decision tend to cover a greater area, they provide a better insight for decision-making. group decision making enables organization to make the best use of problem solving resources. the teams, work groups, and various individuals in the workplace are able to bring innovation and continuous improvement into the workplace because they have the range of ideas, creativity, thinking styles, innovation skills and perception to draw upon.

The sharing of information among group members is another advantage of the group decision-making process. Group decisions take into account a broader scope of information since each group member may contribute unique information and expertise. Sharing information can increase understanding, clarify issues, and facilitate movement toward a collective decision. In a group decision making process the actual decision making should be inclusive- all the groups and team members should actively participate in the process. Active participation from all the individuals of the group helps in building the morale of the team and builds a healthy and coordinative relationship among the members of the team of the particular group.

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It is also important that the members in the group should have an understanding nature because all members have to accept the decision no matter what the quality may be as the decision affects in the favor of the group as a whole.


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