“Writing and spelling . etc That is why

“Writing and spelling . etc That is why

“Writing is a complex process that involves a range of skills and tasks. Although writing is often used to clarify and express personal thoughts and feelings, it is used primarily to communicate with others. Students need to become disciplined thinkers in order to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively..” (Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, 1997, p. 11) Also according to the researcher experience in teaching English in Gaza schools, she realized that the teachers face problems in teaching writing , such as students cannot write well and considered the writing is a difficult process , also they cannot organize their ideas, use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling .

etc That is why the researcher decided to use reading story to help the students to improve their writing and to help them to write freely and creatively. Salah (2010, P:7 ) defined it as “anything written, such as composition, that has meaning”. But the researcher can define it as ” the way of using symbols to communicate and convey the meaning , thoughts and ideas in a readable form ” .

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In fact writing sometimes helps students to think better that is why they need to develop this process to be good writers, it seems


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