Wouldn’t belonging to the Filovirus family, which

Wouldn’t belonging to the Filovirus family, which

Wouldn’t it be scary doing the job that would provide the most for your family that could possibly kill you and in the following days you didn’t even know it was happening? I present you will the Marburg Disease, today we are going to start with identifying what it is, then learn about the history, transferring and signs, symptoms and treatment. What is Marburg Disease? Named after the where it first originated in. This is not a popular or well known disease, it has small, sudden and sporadic outbreaks. It is a form of hemorrhagic fever that is caused by Filovirus or the (Marburg virus), that lives in African Monkeys and African Fruit Bats. It is one of the 2 diseases belonging to the Filovirus family, which the other being Ebola. This disease occurs in both animal and humans, animals are the carrier then they spread it to human. It is unknown how the first case spread from animal to human, but they do know that in recent cases it was spread by unprotected contact with these animals.

The history of this disease started in 1967 when this disease was first recognized, when it spread in 2 countries (Germany and Serbia), were 31 people were infected and 7 died. After trying to find what all the 31 people came into contact with it was revealed that imported African Monkeys was the cause. Outbreaks started happening more often when miners were doing their job, they would be in the same cave and sometimes come into contact with African Fruit Bats, which they would take home to there families and it would start spreading. The largest outbreak was in 2005 in Angola, Uige, after a traveler picked it up. It spread from family member to many health care workers, 374 people were infected and 329 people died.

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Cases Prevention This disease can be transferred in many ways from direct contact like (saliva or blood), sexually transmitted and through the sharing of needles. There are many signs and symptoms of this disease but there is not many options for treatment. The signs and symptoms don’t show up for 5-10 days, but when they do show up they come and fast with many at a time. The symptoms include a very high fever (that can last 3-10 days), chills, a headache, and feeling very weak because of a strong pain in the muscles. 5 days after the symptoms start a another wave comes when a rash appears (on the stomach, chest and back), nausea, vomiting, chest pain and a sore throat. If it becomes severe enough things like inflammation in pancreas, severe weight loss, liver failure, and multi-organ dysfunction.

With these symptoms it can be hard to detect what virus or disease it is because that are very similar to Malaria and Typhoid Fever, which all are can happen in these areas. With these disease comes no specific treatment, but there is Supportive Hospital Treatment, which is (maintaining fluids, electrolytes, oxygen and blood pressure) which all help to keep you alive while going through the symptoms. There are experimental treatments that have been used on animals but never on humans.

In conclusion this is a dangerous disease


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