would me know, if you have any vacancy

would me know, if you have any vacancy

would like to apply for the position of a child care worker in your organization. I saw your advertisement on Lakeland college website a couple of days before. I am confident that I can provide excellent child care in your organization.I have a good oral and written communication skills. I have experience of baby sitting of all age group and placement hours of approximately 8 months from Lakeland college.

I have also good ability of decision making and support judgment and good energy level. Apart from this, I have key experience of helping young children through separation anxiety situations and playing with kid’s different types of activities.Please let me know, if you have any vacancy for this job, or having any questions or would like to see my resume. Please feel free to email or call my cell phone at 4379957646 or mail at [email protected]

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I hope to hear from you soon.Thank you.Sincerely


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