With there is an urgentnecessity of theoretical

With there is an urgentnecessity of theoretical

With the development of modern linguistic science anthropocentrism hasbecome the dominant principle of many researches.

Such approach reflects atendency to put a person at the centre of all theoretical assumptions so that a personis not just involved in the analysis of certain phenomena, but also defines theprospects and goals of this analysis. Individual characteristics of linguistic identityare of particular importance in the study of human language, the most important ofthem is the gender which is regarded both as a process and as a result of”embedding” the individual into socially- and culturally-determined models ofmasculinity or feminity, accepted in a given society at a certain historical stage of itsdevelopment. The relevance of the work is determined by its inclusion in one of themost promising areas of language learning – gender linguistics as there is an urgentnecessity of theoretical reflection on several problems that despite the intensivedevelopment of gender studies in domestic scientific discourse have not beenadequately explained yet.

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Slang is of particular interest in the study of masculinityand feminity as language phenomena. Being a rapidly developing and changing


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