With-in they grew up, and both authors had

With-in they grew up, and both authors had

With-in the twentieth century, both Mexico and Argentina had a revolution take place because of their government rule. Mariano Azuela, born in 1873, grew up in Mexico and was alive during the revolution that took place in 1913.

He wrote the book “The Underdogs”. Manuel Puig, an Argentine novelist, wrote the book “The Kiss of The Spider Woman” during an Argentine revolution that was to overthrow the oppressive government. These two books were written about fifty years after one another and in different countries, but by using a character comparison it can be seen that each author depicts women and femininity differently due to where and when they grew up, and both authors had a “proper” role for women in revolution. Although there a few women in Azuela’s book “The Underdogs”, these characters are very important to understanding the roles of women during the beginning of the twentieth century.

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Camila, a young village girl who tends the needs of the rebels, represents the domestic women. War Paint, a fierce fighter and soldier, represents the women who fought in the rebellion. Camila is first seen when Demetrios is hurt in a battle, he wasn’t hurt in Camila’s village, but his men brought him there knowing that the women of the village would take care of him. This was widely known to be their role.

Camila and the women do help Demetrios with his wounds and eventually back to full health. Camila then falls in love with Luis, Demetrio’s companion. She then isn’t seen in the book again until Demetrio requests for her to be by his side. He wants for her to be his lover. Luis is sent out to go find her and bring her back. When Luis finds Camila, she is happy to see him.

When he tells her that he came back to bring her to Demetrios, she becomes upset. She tells Luis that she loves him and that she only wants to be with him, but Luis replies by saying she is foolish and that she should want to be with Demetrios because he is a general. Luis leaves without Camila, but with the pressure to please a powerful man, she comes back to Demetrios anyways. She becomes his lover and serves him with any comfort he may ask. Camila proves to be a good lover to Demetrios, but she often cries and has fights with War Paint. As the result of one of these fights, Camila is stabbed.

Camila represents the domestic women in the time of the revolution. According to the When the Mexican revolution began, eighty percent of people lived in rural areas. This means that women and men were mostly farmers and grew their own crops and raised their own cattle.

During times of revolution, women usually had to open their house to any of those who were fighting on the rebel’s side and offer food or any service for recovery. Being raised in such a way gives women the traits of being a care taker.


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