Why to its caffeine and additional to its

Why to its caffeine and additional to its

Why drink water when you can infuse the intensity of an entire cup of concentrated coffee and a flavour boost into an energy drink? Energy drinks are an ever-expanding market in the consumption compulsion of adolescents and emerging adults.

In recent years, many people choose to consume energy drinks regularly due to its caffeine and additional to its vitamin content they contain to give an energy boost, alertness and concentration. According to a May 2017 report by market research group Mintel, U.S. energy drink and energy shot sales grew 5.

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8 percent in 2016, with still more room for growth. Experts from Mintel estimates that U.S.

energy drink reaching an estimated $19.2 billion sales, a rise of 47 percent from the year 2016-2021. Energy drink brands such as Redbull, Monster, Rockstar, Amp, NOS and Full Throttle are marketed as beverages providing mental and also physical stimulation. Over-consuming it can lead to caffeine overdose because energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine and high doses of sugar.

The potential risks included are late miscarriage, type 2 diabetes, poor dental health. Even though energy drinks are legal and due to its risks overshadowing its benefits, the rules and regulations of selling and consuming energy drinks should be strictly enforced.


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