Which do you think is healthier, strawberries

Which do you think is healthier, strawberries

Which do you think is healthier, strawberries or watermelon? If you said strawberries you are right, and here is why. Strawberries help reduce the risk of a lot of different types of issues like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, your blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

At Harvard University, there was a study done that shows that the flavonoids found in strawberries helps reduce the risk of having a heart attack by the age of 23 to middle-aged women. The flavonoids in them reduces the risk of having atherosclerosis and protects you from becoming damaged caused by low density cholesterol. In the study they also found that the high polyphenol found in strawberries may also reduce the risk of your blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Other studies show that the high potassium levels in this fruit help with lowering your risk of dying from ischemic heart disease. This is only how strawberries help reduce your risk of having a heart attack and cardiovascular disease, when there is still a lot of other research showing that they also help with a lot of other problems.

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More studies show that this fruit can help your risk of getting cancer because the antioxidants in them work against free radicals, preventing tumor growth. Research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences compared organic crops with conventional crops and the studies found was that organic strawberries prevents the increasing numbers of human colon and breast cancer cells. Rating’s showing that strawberries has helped with both these cancers has gone up, for colon cancer it’s 60% and breast cancer it’s 53%. Strawberries are also helping prevent lesions from turning into tumors according to Tong Chen, a cancer researcher at Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The fact that strawberries have a high potassium level, they are recommended for people who have a high blood pressure. Getting a low potassium intake can cause you to get high blood pressure so eating strawberries help reduce the risk of getting it. Also getting high potassium can reduce the risk of you dying from all of these factors. Doctor’s recommend to their patients with high blood pressure to eat at least 2 cups of strawberries a day to lower it.

Strawberries and their nutrients: Strawberries have only 53 calories as were the watermelon has 80. They also have a higher vitamin C level, which is 97, and being that they have a lot of vitamin c they are very healthy for you. They have a higher potassium level, a higher magnesium level, and a lower sugar level. All these things help provide you with a good intake for your health and help prevent you from getting a lot of different types of diseases and cancers. This is why strawberries are the best fruits and are good to eat.


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