We fixed activities that I spend every day

We fixed activities that I spend every day

We often heard that a lot of people worry about time is insufficient. Why? This is because they didn’t manage their time efficiently. Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. Time management is the process of organizing and planning how much time you spend on specific activities.

Time management skills help me to leave enough time to complete a reading assignment. First and foremost, college life has many aspects that are very crucial to become successful. Some have fixed time requirements and some are flexible. For example, fixed activities that I spend every day is eating, sleeping and attending classes. Whereas, flexible activities is recreation, studying, socializing and so on.

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Dividing time is very useful for me because I am not a person who can manage my time wisely. I divide my time with making to-do lists every day in order to done my studying and assignments more efficiently. Other than this, I will get to know my priorities clearly. I arrange my time with doing urgent and important things first like assignments. In addition, I figure out that I have a lot of hidden time when I make a timetable.

Basically people will neglect the hidden time. In this moment, I find out that my hidden time is spending time at mobile phone or laptop for few hours a day and I change this routine by following the timetable. At last, stay organized is the most important thing to my academic success. I make a timetable and follow the schedules in order to avoid procrastinating. Sometimes, I organize a study plan to do revision especially before two weeks of my final exam.

Besides that, I will do exercise every weekend. A good time management is the most important key of success in academic.


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