Vision and it has been expanded to 184

Vision and it has been expanded to 184

Vision Eat well for less The vision of the count own is to provide large of variety of products to the customer. Till 2018 countdown has opened 184 stores so that they can provide the facilities to the customers at very low cost. The Countdown have taken one of the massive steps by shifting their goal from profit making to customers services oriented and innovation in products. Therefore countdown focuses more on customer satisfaction. INTRODUCTION Countdown is a leading super-market brand in New Zealand and itself a subsidiary of Australias Wools worth Limited. The first countdown store Opened in 1981 and it has been expanded to 184 stores in as of till date. It is the largest super market in New Zealand.

Countdown has two major loyalty schemes called One card and One card Visa. This business was established by Rat trays Wholesale. The Ratt rays Wholesale Group included the Rat trays Cash and Carry warehouses, Tobacco vans, now known as the Red Arrow Distributors fleet and also included the Super value group of franchised supermarkets and now operating as Super Value / Fresh choice. The Turnover of countdown is 6.2 billion (NZD), an increase of 2.1 per cent from last year. Countdown was placed third in Auckland, The previous light green background was replaced with a white one and a logo with the Shop Smarterslogan was added.

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Shop Smarter- This slogan was introduced in mid-2009 to The Countdown. On stores, thesloganis missing and the word Countdown is white. The Logo representing fresh produce – is also used by Australian Woolworths outlets. Countdown is New Zealands leading supermarket brand, serving more than 2.5 million Customers every week. There are 18,000 members working in 184 supermarkets across New Zealand. Countdown giver their customers around 20,000 of different products in each of our stores.

OBJECTIVES The objective of this assignment is to analyze regarding is organizational, structural and strategic management. People working in countdown are focusing on influence of their culture through number of viewpoints in their corporate management. This exploration uncovers whether social qualities whats more, standards are featured and served all through Countdown to accomplish client enthusiasm too as representative. Also report demonstrates that troubles and weights rehearsed in the market and think about on start NZ depicts how start NZ moved toward becoming retail supermarket pioneer in New Zealand. TASK- 2 PESTEL ANALYSIS POLITICAL The Commerce Commission of New Zealand has alleged Countdown for its anti-competitive behaviour against Kiwi suppliers.

The commerce authority in the region has identified the retail institution for largely blackmailing and extorting Kiwi suppliers. Countdowns relationship with its suppliers is alleged on two grounds firstly for lack of effective communication and also in discussing sensitive supplier related information with its competitor firms(MCNICOL, 2014). ENVIRONMENTAL Countdown is the leading supermarket company based in New Zealand and it has expanded its network by opening more outlets along different regions of the economy.

The retail institution focused on expanding the business by opening up the more outlets in entire New Zealand. The expansion strategy of Countdown counters effectiveness in that the same helps in countering the merger and acquisition activity of other competitor firms. SOCIAL A study led on the retail purchasers of New Zealand are demanding and expect some changes regarding customization and changes in products. The consumers also wants refreshed and new designs for the different own branded products.

The new designs are required to be generated for the own branded products in that the same would help the customers for easily selecting and choosing the same from a wide mixture of other branded products. TECHNOLOGICAL It means lauching a new online application for the customers in viewing more products and comparing prices of different products which helps the customer to for meeting their needs and expectations. The digital shopping application generated by the retail supermarket helps in easy scanning of bar codes and also in storing information in QR Codes to be scanned through the use of QR Scanners. It helps to gain customers gain information regarding product and prices and and also of their bonus points and loyalty card information. ENVIRONMENTAL The Commencement successfully centers around diminishing the effects of the retail tasks on the regular habitat of New Zealand through the joining of vitality productive lighting, cooling, and refrigeration frameworks and furthermore through pointing in the lessening of carbon emanations.

Expanding trademark observation reflected by Starting has helped the relationship in bringing the Green Trim Regard from the New Zealand government amidst 2016. LEGAL Countdown is also influenced by legal issues. Policies like Employment Law, Health and Safety Law considered to be smooth existence of countdown NZ. The legislature has additionally required the retail establishment for receiving the prescribed procedures norms with respect to the putting away of live stocks coming up short which the retail organizations would be required to confront prosecution charges. BUYER DECISION PROCESS Customer has a wide range of retail markets in NZ. Supermarkets like K-MART, PAKN SAVE, and warehouse are he competitors for countdown in the market.

Customers select the services by analyzing the offers and services at stores. Consumers prefer to go for lower prices products. Customer demand can change according to the brand, quality and price of the products.

Countdown has a wide range of products with best services and low cost products which attracts the customer to choose countdown on a priority bases in NZ. NEEDS AND DESIRES Countdown provides the basic need products to the customers on a very low cost. But according to the customer expectation countdown is responsible to provide all the services to the customers by providing all products and discounts on products. Apart from his countdown target the people which are going to other retail outlets by doing advertising and marketing campaigns.

ATTRACT CUSTOMERS The central focus of the countdown is to attract customer for their services. To acquire societal thought headways should be imaginative and contemporary. Countdown is promoting their products on newspapers to get more and more attractions of the customers. TRUST AND LOYALTY Countdown utilize the social media to get feedbacks from customers, useful reply enhance customer interest. By Offering customer service assistance and taking feedbacks encourages to build the god relationship with customer.

Countdown provides different way for making the payment by online, by loyalty card, visa cards etc. MICRO ENVIRONMENT SUPPLIERS These are those people who are supplying the goods and services to the market. It may be distinguished from a contractual worker or subcontractor who uses the specialized inputs for delivering the product. ATTRIBUTES OF SUPPLIERS Competency It means promoting abilities, in this the owner has to relate the needs and wants of the market to make the stability of the business in the market and maintain their name in the market. Consistency It means that to keep the business running with good profits and sustainable the company has to maintain the consistency like their quality of products, branding, attractive packing of products, offer on products, price of products etc. Communication It means the company has to be communicating regularly with the customers to know the needs and wants of the market.

The company has to keep the good relation with their suppliers so that they dont have to face any kind of problem with their business. PRESSURE GROUPS Media Media might such as television, newspaper, television, social media these activities lays the most important role for an organization like countdown because through media the countdown can promote their products and can make good profits but also they make pressure by criticize organization and spreading fake news. Thus countdown is an organization which has a good communication with people and pressure from media helps them to make their services more improved. UNIONS AND EMPLOYEES Pressure from unions and Employees will help countdown to comprehend the client rights and qualities in the event that they are broken or not performing legitimately. In New Zealand there are some major population which includes Maoris, Islanders, Togans will be treated equally and good, Otherwise the union will through the pressure to the attitude of organization. PUBLIC People are very much important for the organization and also for countdown NZ. Peoples are having a lot of high expectation from the organization.

As well as the organization also have to see the company needs and wants and the changes in the trends. Countdown is keen for innovation making the one card loyalty cards and taking the feedbacks from the customers, So that the organization can make the changes in their products and services. COMPETITORS IDENTIFY COMPETETORS The competitors of countdown are K-mart and warehouse. Countdown is the cheapest retail supermarket among all these others retail supermarkets. Countdown provides special offers like one card or One card visa for special discounts like the things you purchase more from that card the more discounts you will get.

TARGET MARKET Countdown is targeting the clients which are going to warehouse, PAKN SAVE or k-mart for purchasing the products. Countdown is first of all targeting the local people like kiwi, Maoris by giving them special discounts. So that they an attract more and more people towards their business.

Targeting new customers will enhance the network and growth of the organization. PRODUCT AND SERVICES Countdown is biggest retail supermarket in New Zealand. It has a wide range, better quality and of different types of products.

They provide all daily use of products and services like dairy products, groceries, alcohols, Toiletries etc. ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE Culture of organization intended to secure or accepting convictions of business and societal qualities. Countdown exercises all cultures and maintaining good relationships with employees to treat them better in the workplace. Countdown using a strategy to encourage people to work as a family member in the organization and have healthy culture. Countdown gives more freedom to employees in workplace to improve their skills and innovative. DIMENTIONS OF ORGANIZATION CULTURE Team-oriented Countdown believes in a team-oriented culture and it also care about their employees.

Countdown value fairness and are supportive of individuals rights and dignity. Software company CEO Jim Goodnights philosophy is, Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will. The result a loyal and dedicated workforce. Detail-oriented Retail stores are tends to be in customer-oriented industries in which such precision is valued. For example, countdown is dedicated to providing customers with exactly the service they prefer to meet customer satisfaction and expectation.

Stable Employees at a stable corporation know exactly who is in charge, who to report to, and what they are expected to accomplish. Countdown, for example, is a very stable organization with a strong administration. VALUES, NORMS AND ARTEFACTS Values and norms are the pillars of organization to keep worker joined together and responsibility.

It is an unwritten practice of treating employees respected each other and giving importance to their moral values also. Artifacts are those explaining organization culture through logo, site and online networking outline. The organizing, shading blends and format shows organization qualities and culture of the organization. (Values and Norms, 2018) And Countdown is firm mainly concentrating on customer satisfaction. They introduce innovative plans and services as the customer is expected. This expectation is derived from collecting feedbacks through different mediums from users to improve their services. Giving more importance to environmental and societal believes makes countdown sustainable and ethical.

BICULTURAL PARTNERSHIPS In New Zealand after Waitangi day when the treaty was marked, Maori individuals is getting a charge out of fairness in the general public. Countdown has bi-social association by guaranteeing hierarchical objectives and qualities and also securing and urging Maoris to approach in the general public. In countdown there is no difference between the employees all people are treated at same level there is no partiality between the different different religions. In pragmatic Countdown is presented advertisement as of late in Maori dialect. It has a strong culture in organization by keeping its values and beliefs in New Zealand. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH S1 Strong financial background- countdown has strong financial background because of existing in the market from 1981.

Statistics shows that countdown enjoys growth in stock market consistently. S2 Size advantages Size of the countdown lower down the risk. The bigger Countdown gets, the more assets they need to seek after new markets and shield themselves against rivals.

To carried out by a large number of outlets, and are supply chain units. S3 Cost advantages Lower cost helps the countdown to make huge profits. Lower cost helps the countdown to attract more customers. It helps to compete with the rival in the market. S4 Supply Chain It helpsthe countdown to have products from suppliers and delivered the right product to customers in a timely manner. S5 Brand Name Having a strong brand name is major strength of countdown.

It helps the countdown to charge more money from customers. WEAKNESS W1 Countdown faces the potential challenges related to the failure of operation of the EFTPOS machines that made the customers faced problems in the checking counters and also regarding the billing of the merchandises. W2 Bad acquisition can hurtCountdownby increasing their costs and reducing the value of their combined businesses. W3 Weak customer service hurtsCountdowns reputation and causes customers to flee to competitors, who are more respondent Customer Service will have a long-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from the entitys value. OPPORTUNITIES O1 Countdown may have lots of opportunities to grow their business and can make profits.

Countdown can expand their business by selling their products online. O2 Countdowncan market to a much wider audience for their growth and makes huge profits. O3 Greater innovation can helpCountdownto produce unique products and services that meet customers needs. O4 New products can helpCountdownto expand their business and diversity their customer base.

THREATS T1 Mature markets are competitive. Substitute products can hurt the countdown. T2 In order forCountdownto grow in a mature market, it has to increase market share, which is difficult and expensive. T3 Consumers change their taste very quickly, so the countdown have to change their products according to that otherwise I will be a big threat to the company. T4 Serious completion of work can lowercountdown profits, because competitors can attract clients away with superior products.

TOWS ANAYSIS S1T1 If the organization is having a strong financial resources the organization can overcome and circumstances and they can introduce lots of new products in the market and can grow in the market and make more profits. CORPORATE STRATEGY GROWTH STRATEGY Most of the companies choose the growth strategy to grow their business and make more sales and profits. There are certain methods to grow the business.

It depends upon the financial status, competition in the market and government rules and regulations. Growth strategy includes market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification and acquisition. Market Penetration It is one of the four growth strategy of the product. It occurs when a company launches a same product which is already having an alternative in the market. It sets up the organizations current station and which bearing it needs to extend in to accomplish showcase development. Market Expansion It is also a growth strategy, also known as market development, involves selling current products in the market. If the organization wants to expand in the market company have to introduce a new product in the market otherwise he company cant grow in the market.

Product Expansion If the company wants to expand their product in the market the organization have to make the changes in the product or do the innovation in the product to have the stability in the market. Diversification If the organization wants to diversify their products in the market. For diversifying the product the company has to maintain its quality and strategy in the market. Acquisition Growth strategies in business can also include and acquisition. The acquisition strategy, incorporated arrangement created as a major aspect of securing arranging exercises. It portrays the business, specialized, and reinforces techniques to oversee program dangers and meet program targets. COMPETETIVE ADVANTAGE COST LEADERSHIP Countdown and each association focus on decreasing generation cost to increase benefit.

Aside from that focal point of firm is to deliver quality item with accessible plan of action which isnt harmful for society. DIFFERENTIATION In this strategy an organization have to introduce new product and services in the market against the competitors to make an identity in the market through product. In differentiation strategy it includes the price differentiation, innovation, product level-differentiation, branding and packaging. COST FOCUS Focus strategy mainly focuses on selecting specific group of people to serve them better from others. (2018) DIFFERENTIATION FOCUS The organization have to be focused in the differentiation of products if the company have to be in the market, they have to do the innovation in the product or introduce the new products in the market. PLANNING Anubhav Bedi 845877631 Page PAGE MERGEFORMAT 15 rsCO 6xY3zkSpc)ZvTQnUI/1UEjpAttXri58_k5w76F I2z2,6TicNq iaYftThy.3cVJ)/SvK( z -QHoYXUiM_7N1Iwdj8PnK nMFq87_jIQMX Ueh/whle-Y)ASzx Fh9_bvB405hIw8Gt-HO8VJYBHceniWTdTi),RC EmtDRj kA-48A3 [email protected],a-e 33Ftxnc4O uK5c72kmucvomh5wREaP84riveOxCzJ4ss9C HenkkO06TQiw3CO(ow48ou)Mz9uU)O 52r hlDh9M 7/[email protected]/@gIcCo k UiCL9 7XZEAaCK i1csNkllL 3O8DWMV)q,x/Jx8Ngm RoaQD/WvPFxWhg,sQWn,mB9,RZYM [email protected] i5qGW63KSM_3rjNNOCVv1QM)[email protected]

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