Vincent the 1990s. Based from the analysis of

Vincent the 1990s. Based from the analysis of

Vincent Ian B.

Gianzon 1IND-3 SUMMARY AND CRITICAL ASSESMENTThe SAGE handbook of Globalization by Manfred Steger Globalization:A contested concept provides a definition of globalization. Globalization made its first appearance way back in the 1940s but it only gained universal popularity in the 1990s. Based from the analysis of Steger, as a contested concept, Globalization had its quality of having interdependence between countries. This quality can be shown in Steger’s examination of Osama Bin Laden’s video broadcast appearance. As the Al-Qaeda leader needed modern technology and advanced set up of technical communication in order to film the video and send it globally. These commodities are evidences of glocal that show the stretching of social relations and global configuration took place in the Al-Qaeda group.Glocal refers to the people failing to obtain their necessities from a single manufacturing site.

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This becomes certainly accurate when people’s standards rises to a specific level that only certain products can be manufactured from different places which satisfies their wants and/or needs. Steger discusses about the tension between localism and globalism in the images of Laden’s video broadcasts and the irony of these images due to the fact that Osama Bin Laden wants to isolate himself from the “normality” of the West. Manfred Steger brings about his own concept of “Global Imaginary”.

Steger defined this as “people’s growing consciousness of belonging to a global community”, he adds that these days, local traditions or national imaginary can sometimes get mixed up with global trends or also known as global imaginary Global imaginary can also pertain to as a separation line that is slowly turning into an invisible line. Some people awknowledges that the line is becoming unclear to the point that the line would start to fade and become erased. However, before global imaginary was introduced, Steger raises a discussion about globality which suggests that the definition of globalization has started to become confusing and unclear, resulting to the insufficient conclusions of the causes and the effects of globalization.

As stated by Manfred Steger globality is “a social condition characterized by tight global affairs and flows that make most of the current borders and boundaries irrelevant.” Globality can also refer to as the melting point of connectivity; It shows the result and process when boundaries start to fade.The handbook writted by Manfred Steger cannot be fully summarized however it is the perfect article for those who want to fully grasp the understanding of what Globalization is. Steger has executed his writing well long after his thorough and comprehensive analyzation towards the topic. I also agreed on some of the points he has mentioned in his article – We visualize ourselves seperated from a global community and that global imaginary has become awknowledged that globalization has been sewn into our everyday lives and in society.



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