urkey has a steady economy, rising middle class,

urkey has a steady economy, rising middle class,

urkey is known for having a unique placement between Asia and Europe and for offering “prosperous long-term opportunities for American firms”.

“Turkey has a steady economy, rising middle class, youthful population, and dynamic entrepreneurial class,” (export.gov) Turkey has an advantage in that it supplies energy to many countries surrounding it and is considered a gateway to opportunity if one wants to do business in the Middle East and Asia. Turkey has also been occupied in becoming a member of the European Nations which would be a great advantage in the future because it will make trading easier. Currently the ease of doing business in Turkey is 60 out of 190 in which political issues play a big part. Regardless of being the 17th largest economy, there have been many issues the past couple of years some of which have included limited media exposure, limited freedom of speech in the country and issues having to do with the mixed economy. To successfully conduct business in this nation you need someone who is familiar with the culture and values because there is a high cross-cultural risk in this nation.

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Chapter 3 pg. 57, explains the importance how meaningful culture and language of a place you would like to conduct business in is. In an article by the Economist, “Turkey’s president wants to purge Western words from its language”, “Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan started by ordering the word “arena”, which reminded him of ancient Roman depravity, in which he ordered be removed from sports venues around the country.”


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