Upstart they believe the school starting age in

Upstart they believe the school starting age in

Upstart Scotland is campaigning to introduce a Nordic style Kindergarten system to the Scottish education system. Upstart believe that a Kindergarten style education, with emphasis for opportunities to allow children to play including lots of outdoor play, is the best and most appropriate for children under 7-years-old. Which is why they believe the school starting age in Scotland should be raised to 7-years–old.

From age three until the age of 7 children would attend a Kindergarten which would be based on well-established principles of child development, and only when the child reached 7-years-old would they start formal education. Upstart don’t want children’s entitlement to state-funded education it’s only the ethos of education for three- to seven-year-olds that they are wanting to change. “Children flourish when they have ample opportunities to play” Theresa Casey, President, International Play Association Upstart Chairperson, Sue Palmer, has written over 200 books, TV series and computer software most of which was intended for children and teachers. Recently Sue has written Toxic Childhood and Upstart, the case for raising the school starting age and providing what the under-sevens really need, which are intended for a wider audience, anyone that has children, plans to have children or working in a child-based setting may find these books an interesting read.

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