Understand and skilled at carrying out there

Understand and skilled at carrying out there

Understand the principles and requirements of assessment1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and developmentThe function of this assessment is assist in various situations, if you are teaching it will allow you to identify whether the subject that you have been teaching about has been a success and understood correctly, allowing the students to give positive feedback or by asking relevant additional questions to further improve their understanding within the subject.

It should also identify where any weak points or the mis understanding are within the subject allowing for further improvement in the explanations and techniques needed within the subject.Within the workplace it can assist in the capabilities of work force and to identify who is best suited and capable of certain work tasks, it also allows to identify where additional training is required, allowing for workforce to be capable and skilled at carrying out there work tasks.The additional training given should assist the work force with there own skill set and allowing a company to have a confident work forcen.Define the key concepts and principles of assessment

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