Touchdown! What an amazing pass by the

Touchdown! What an amazing pass by the

Touchdown! What an amazing pass by the quarterback.

Quarterbacks have a big job in a football game, and they are under a lot of stress to perform well. Doing your job right comes with great reward. But it’s not easy, you have to train every day, and have a sharp mind.

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Quarterbacks need to work hard to be great.Quarterbacks have many different jobs in a game, but their main one is getting the ball into the end zone to score. According to the article “The Quarterback’s Job in a Football Game” the QB has a few different options of doing this. First, they could throw the ball to an open receiver. A receiver runs towards the end zone and tries to get open to catch the ball and gain yards. Also, the quarterback could give the ball to the running back.

The running back (as the name suggests) runs the ball towards the end zone in an attempt to gain yards or score. The QB has a couple different options to get the running back the ball. He could hand the ball off, or do something called a pitch. A pitch is like a toss to the running back as he runs towards his destination. Lastly, the QB could run the ball himself. This is typically only done when only a few yards are required on a play. In order for this play to work, the quarterback will usually fake a hand off, then run for an opening in the defense and hope for the best.

To be an amazing quarterback, you must train. Top tier quarterbacks, such as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers train 24/7 to compete at the level they do. According to the article “How to Quarterback for a Football Team”, being aware of your surrounding is a must. You need to know when to throw the ball, or to tuck and run when your line breaks. WikiHow’s article also mentions that to be a good QB, you need to trust that your teammates will do their jobs. If you don’t, you could find yourself second guessing passes.

And being just a second too late could cause yardage loss. Finally, the article “How to Quarterback for a Football Team” talks about knowing the defense. You need to know when there are “mismatches” in the defense and your line, and how to fix them. Also, you need to be able to read the defense’s coverage, and figure out who won’t be open.In a game, the Quarterback is under a lot of pressure. According to the article “The Quarterback’s Job in a Football Game” the quarterback is under a lot of pressure because he touches the ball on almost every play, and that mean eyes are on you all the time.

Also, the Quarterback is under pressure to score on as many possessions as possible. Scoring is essential to winning the game, and the QB’s out on the field, leading the play every time. The article “What is a Quarterback in football” states that the quarterback is one of the most “visible” players on the field. Because they have the ball on almost every play, they get the most credit for winning, and the most criticism for losing.

Quarterbacks are under lots of stress to lead their team, and win the game. so they need to work hard day in and day out.Overall, Working hard is a must for QB’s to be the best they can. They have get the ball to the end zone and score. They need to train, day in and day out, and they need to lead their team. All while being pressured to win the game, and constantly make plays happen.

To conclude, while the whole team is important, the QB is most important because he leads the team, and calls the shots. In summary, a QB who works hard, and plays harder, will be a valuable asset to any team.


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