Tolulope and cheap way to punish the

Tolulope and cheap way to punish the

Tolulope Akeredolu-ThomasDr.

Boykins ENC110209 February 2018Re-Introducing Flogging System for Corporal PunishmentIn “Bring Back Flogging,” Jeff Jacoby begins by enlightening readers on how Boston’s Puritans handled criminal punishment in the 17th century; whereby, the criminals are sentenced to be flogged in public and to be burnt with hot iron in their cheeks or pierces through their mouths. He states that even though it is a painful and humiliating punishment, it is a quick and cheap way to punish the criminal. He then explains how imprisonment has become today’s penalty of choice for almost every criminal offense which does not help or change their ways. Finally, his argument is to persuade the readers that flogging serves as a good way to punish the criminals rather than being locked up in the prison. Jacoby effectively communicate his purpose by giving several supporting details on why flogging is more beneficial than the prison system, and the use of his emotion to appeals the audience makes it logical.To start with, Jacoby’s evidence was constructed effectively in a way that he explores his argument by saying that the amount spent on the prisoners is cost. Nowadays, the amount of money being spend on criminals is too much which is putting a huge stress on the state and federal budget because most of the expenses are costing more than what the government thinks.

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Moreover, Jacoby’s believe is that reviving the use of whipping to punish most of the offenders could decrease the amount of money being spend on the inmates per year; whereby, he gives the statistic of how much money are been spent on the criminals which is about “$30,000 per inmate each year” (Jacoby 197). This amount of money is Nowadays, there are so many criminals in the prison due to the high rate of different crimes happening in the world today. This makes the prison to be full with so many criminals consisting of violent and non-violent criminals


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