Today’s system and e-mails. Mobile phones is

Today’s system and e-mails. Mobile phones is

Today’s generation uses mobile telephones as its primary platform for communication.

The use of such advanced communication technologies has fostered the development of new types of friendships, which are created and sustained through electronic connections like mobile internet connections, short message system and e-mails. Mobile phones is a communications devices that are not restricted by either time or place like the old fashioned style of sending letters to someone in order to contact a person that lives far from us. Moreover, the mobile telephone is no longer merely a tool for voice communication and is turning into a more general communication device, with young people being the most advanced users of the mobile platform’s text messaging and data services. One of the reasons for the rapid adoption and widespread usage of mobile text messaging by younger users is the relatively low cost of sending messages versus other communications media. Furthermore, short and direct to the point messages can be sent that would traditionally not be considered important enough to make a telephone call or send a PC email. Moreover, an ongoing record of these communications can be kept and re-read at a later date. Since people can read, write and send text messages even in subway.

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With the creation and accessibility of mobile phones, more and more individuals own their own mobile phone, and using them everyday to communicate within their social network. Mobile phones also make individuals available anywhere, and anytime, which changes the way that individuals are choosing to interact in social settings with other individuals.Not all device usage was perceived as negative; mobile devices were thought to be beneficial for occasionally disengaging from family members, finding information in a timely fashion for group purposes, and aiding parenting. The advantages of mobile phones are it connects and maintain the bond even through distance restriction, make learning and working more easier and fun, reduce the user’s stress level and it can keep the user to stay updated.

To begin with, mobile phone connects and maintain the bond even through distance restriction. Having mobile phones brings so much benefits to a person in a way that they could never imagine. Mobile phone not only beneficial but it also make life more easier than before. Distances is not an excuse to stop talking to someone. Mobile phones allow the people to make a call to their friends, family or even their partners even when they are thousands miles away from them.

Everyone is not too far with the use of mobile phone in their daily basis, they are just one call away. Dial up their numbers and they can talk for hours, to catch up with their new life or be talking about their new work and the new surrounding. Furthermore, mobile phones can make the bond to be stronger by connected to them through social networking systems like Facebook, Twitter and so many more. They can still get their friend’s life update through their Facebook post and connect to them through social media. It is not only restricted to connecting themselves to their long lost friends, or their far family from the other country but it also help the user to meet new friends through their mutual friends or making friends in the most unexpected way.

Mobile phones can help to strengthen the family bond even when their children is leaving for college, but the parents can still talk to their children through social media, or give them a call or simply texting them using the short message service (SMS) just to ask about their day. Not only that, mobile phones such as smartphones have a ability that allow their users to make a video call chat to their friends and family even when they are far. This technology comes in handy when the users are missing their family or friends, they can just video chat them and talk as if they are in front of them.

Mobile phones have been found to be important for micro coordination among work colleagues, family, and friends. Mobile phones allow the user to stay connected with the people that they have not meet or spoken in years. They are also considered very personal devices, used by a single owner and parents typically carry them in case of child emergencies. Mobile telephones have changed the way friends and acquaintances communicate, as well as the perceptions of individuals regarding these interpersonal relationships. There are indeed significant opportunities for establishing better and closer relationships among friends through the use of mobile telephones Secondly, mobile phones can make learning and working more easier and fun.

The use of mobile phones for school and for their work also can bring advantages in many ways that they cannot imagine. Students can use mobile phones to look up for new information about their studies and it comes in many forms. Knowledge can be taken up from any aspects in life, and learning is not just restricted from being in a classroom. The students can learn so much more as they own a mobile phones that can be use to search and read more to enhance their understanding towards a particular subject. They can just use their mobile phones and search for a new knowledge that they can gain from the articles on the Internet, or they can also enhance their understanding from watching a video from their mobile phones. There are tons of educational videos that can be watched from the internet. This correlates with the wisdom word of, ‘don’t study hard, but study smart.

‘ Students can gain so much new knowledge from outside the classroom and by using their mobile phones. Apart from that, there are many educational sites and forum that are suggested by the teachers for their students and having a mobile phone can make their student’s life more easier as they do not have to use a computer to visit the educational sites from the internet while they can do so with their mobile phones. Now, a mobile phones has a built-in camera and MP3 players converged into it to produce a more sophisticated mobile devices. Mobile phones nowadays have many function rather than just to call and text their family and friends.

The camera from their mobile phones can be used to capture the notes written by their teachers on the writing board. College students are mostly using their smartphones on their daily basis and using it in the best way it can bring benefits to them. They use the camera from their mobile phones to snap the lecture notes that comes from the lecturer’s slides and some use their mobile phones to record a video or use a voice recorder from their mobile phone to record the explanation coming from their lecturer for a particular syllabus. Plus, there are educational websites such as Online Student Response Systems (OSRS) that are changing the way students can participate in a classroom.

Classroom response systems (CRS), have been used in the past but now it can more easily be implemented in the classroom because they are web-based and allow students to use any mobile device to participate. The device could be used to answer specific questions from a quiz, a test or a survey and the student could choose to answer the questions on the device. One effective method to use this is by using the Peer Assessment (PA) module of the MObile Audience Response System (MOARS), which is an open-source OSRS. The teacher creates a survey with questions and responses and opens the PA module on MOARS. MOARS can be used for quiz-type and survey activities through the web browsers of their mobile devices. The system will then create a shortcut for the survey. The data from all the students can be accessed from a computer which can then be exported to a spreadsheet program for data assessment.

This easy-to-use system reduces the need for producing paper surveys and quizzes, and makes it faster and simpler for the instructor to gather the data from the students.The usage of mobile phones among students and teachers bring so much benefits as also mobile phone makes learning more easier and fun.Next, the usage of mobile phones can reduce the user’s stress level. Mobile phones have been upgraded with the highest technology and there is no age restriction on using mobile phone on a daily basis. Mobile phones such as smartphones come with a camera, Mp3 player, alarm clock, maps and many more. Mobile phones can also be installed with various mobile phone games that are available to be download either free of charge or purchase in mobile games.

Mobile phones can reduce the user’s stress level as it have so many features that can help the user to feel fun using it. Mobile phone games installed into their mobile phones can be played anytime and anywhere the user feel like playing in. There are many types of mobile phone games, either arcade type games or educational typed mobile games and some of the games require an internet connection for it to be played. Having a mobile phones that have mobile phone games is like carrying compatible video games to everywhere and can be played anywhere when the user feel like playing it. The student can play mobile phone games when they are feeling stressed up with their studies to keep their stress level down. Parents that are working can also play their mobile phone games to kill some time during lunch hour to reduce their stress level. Plus, there are not only games that can be added to their mobile phones to help the user to reduce their stress level.

If the user is a bookworm, their mobile phones can be used to read their favorite books from the internet. There are many applications that can be installed from the web that have a compilation of popular books from all around the world. Mobile phones not only can be turned into a compatible video games, but it also can be turn into a compatible books that are not heavy to be carry around wherever we are heading. Their mobile phones can also be used to surf the internet and meet new friends that have the same hobbies like us. Mobile phones have the Mp3 player that can store a huge music library and their mobile phones can be connected to the stereo via bluetooth to provide entertainment for the users.

Besides that, mobile phones such as smartphones can save the hassle a student have to go through when they do not have access to any laptop or computer to upload and send their assignments online. Smartphones have the features that allow us to send e-mails to anybody wherever we are. The students can do their assignment just from their mobile phones and can send it later through e-mail or through online submission to their lecturers. This can save time and reduce the stress level as the students do not have to only get access to any laptop or computers, because their mobile phones can help them in many ways.Moreover, mobile phones can keep the user stay updated.

The main objective on using mobile phones for children and adults is to make life easier than before.Mobile phones have many features that allow the users to be keep updated with the news from all over the world. The mobile phone is the new technology that has many features that can make the user’s life to become more easier.

By using their mobile phones, there… Furthermore, mobile phones can bring advantages to the user when they are travelling in a new place or country that speak a different language. Whether the users are searching for that Spanish word you to speak with the locals in the country you travelled, or finding the meaning of the new word the user’s read in the newspaper or maybe reading some articles on a topic close to your heart, mobile phones that are connected to the internet are a treasure trove of information. Moreover, mobile phones can be used to help the user to manage their finances. There are many mobile phone applications available online that can help the user to keep tabs on their personal bank accounts for any online transaction or to pay their bills through online banking such as Maybank2u or CimbClicks.

This is making the user’s life more easier as it is so convenient and it saves the user a trip to go to the bank. Plus, mobile phones also help the user to organize their life. The mobile phones has a calender that can help the user to keep track ot any upcoming events, either it is their parent’s anniversary or their children’s upcoming birthdays, it help the users from missing the important dates.

There are also a to-do lists that can be keep on their mobile phones to make any task to become more organized and it can be ‘tick’ whenever it has been done. Besides, there are many applications that are available online that can help the user to maintain a healthy and fit body. There are applications that can track how many steps the user have taken for that day or track the miles the user have been running to break some sweats. Mobile phone interventions, including text messages and smartphone applications, are part of the broader use of electronic tools to improve physical health. There are also health based applications that can help the user to detect and count the user’s heartbeat. This is beneficial for those work out enthusiast that want to achieve their body goals or maintain their body weights. Even today several apps are available to track exercise, diet and blood pressure.

This in turn enables the mobile phones to play a key role in health sector.F Therefore, mobile phones has a big role in helping the user to keep their life in the right track.In a conclusion, the usage of mobile phones bring so much benefits to the users. Mobile phones such as smartphones have touched so many different areas of our lives, and has made the user’s life to be more organized and easy.

As mobile phone technology continues to become smarter and more helpful, smartphones are also going to make a huge impact on many lives across the world. It is not only bring advantages to the students, but also for their parents and family across the country. Mobile phones have unlimited benefits and some of us cannot function without mobile phones as the users have well adapted with using their mobile phones on daily basis and going through a day without it will makes life to be a little duller than before.

Mobile phone technologies are the most used technologies in a daily life, like calculators or computers. In order to use these emerging technologies successfully, administrators, educators, and students must think critically to determine how to use the new technologies to achieve their educational goals, rather than greeting the new technologies with uncritical excitement. On the other hands, the users must always bear in mind that using their mobile phones in such an excessive ways will bring many negative effects associated with the extensive use of mobile phones. To be on the safe side, use it in moderation at the appropriate time.

It will not only help the user to organized their life better, but it also strengthen the family bond and make the people that are far from us to feel close in their hearts.


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