To (both high or low) and adopt a

To (both high or low) and adopt a

To meet these requirements I will consider the needs of the individuals within the team based on their competence and commitment (both high or low) and adopt a situational leadership style. The Hersey-Blanchard model of leadership states that the leader should respond to these states of commitment and competence by focusing on the most suitable behaviours and adopting the following styles: directing, coaching, supporting and delegating. The person who I currently manage in the communications team is a fairly new member of staff but highly competent and committed.

Using this style, I would normally delegate allowing them to decide what help they want from the leader. However, when having a conversation with this person about how they want to be managed they have said they need and want an element of direction and this has led me to deduce that a lack of confidence and experience, despite high competence and commitment is likely to influence the leadership style that people want to receive. ‘The distinctive feature of this approach to leadership is that it focuses very much on the skills leaders need and argues that how one leads should be dependent on who is being ld’ (David Pardy). I therefore intend to use a combination of direction and delegation and flex these styles according to the situation.

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