Title O. LuzBSIT 3-1September 28, 20185783077-338455Chapter 1 THE

Title O. LuzBSIT 3-1September 28, 20185783077-338455Chapter 1 THE

Title PageAn Experimental Study of the Functionality and Compatibility of Bluetooth device and SHAREit Application through using Android phonesA ResearchPresented to the Faculty of thePolytechnic University of the PhilippinesQuezon City BranchIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the DegreeBachelor of Science in Information TechnologyBySheena Marie O. LuzBSIT 3-1September 28, 20185783077-338455Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGThis chapter introduces the overview of the topic and background of the study in connection with the research entitled: An Experimental Study of the Functionality and Compatibility of Bluetooth device and SHAREit Application through using Android phones.IntroductionFile sharing is popular for us millennials because it helps us to transfer files from one another.

One of the widest file transfer is called Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology wherein it uses wavelength or radio waves to share data in a short distance. It was developed by Jaap Haartsen and supported by the telecommunication company named Ericsson where Haartsen works. It was in the year 1993 when Haartsen asked by Ericsson to develop a short-range connection for mobile phones. Bluetooth is available not only in the computer or laptops, but it is also available in mobile devices and other appliances such as speakers. Though Bluetooth is so popular before until now, the disadvantage of this is that you can’t transfer files from one another if your receiver is a little bit far from you.

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Another file sharing that is also in a trend now is SHAREit application wherein it is a sharing app that is available in computers, android phones or even in iphones. SHAREit enables us to transfer files faster for free. It was developed by Lenovo Inc. and launched in China on 2012. The good thing is that it uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer or share file from one another.One of the most popular file sharing device (Bluetooth) and file sharing application (SHAREit) has a common in terms of sharing applications or files from one another using android phones or laptops and computers.

But one of the differences is that Bluetooth is a wireless technology and built in device while SHAREit application is just an app. In this thesis, we will be going further and further for us to understand and analyze their differences and similarities.Theoretical FrameworkBluetooth ArchitectureBluetooth has two types of networks: Piconet and Scatternet.

PiconetPiconet has 1 primary node also called “master” and 7 active secondary nodes also called “slave”, the communication of the two will be one-to-one or one-to-many and the communication will be between master and slave, not slave to slave communication. In every piconet, there is only one primary node and the secondary node can have up to 225 nodes. The image shows the communication between the master and slave communication.

(Reference: http://ecomputernotes.com/computernetworkingnotes/communication- networks/bluetooth) ScatternetScatternet is a combination of various piconets. Each slave in a piconet can act as a master in other piconet. The node is called bridge slave when in the first piconet , the slave receives the message from the master and then sends the message to other piconets wherein the slave from the first piconet will be the master to the other piconets. The image shows the communication between the first piconet to the second piconet wherein there is a bridge slave who receives messages from the first piconet and then sends to the second piconet. (References: http://ecomputernotes.

com/computernetworkingnotes/communication-networks/bluetooth)System ArchitectureAndroid application is made up of classes called activitites that has a task to do. Android has intents for the communication between the Activity and the OS. These can carry information on the system and then it used to start an activity and request the OS to open a file.Conceptual FrameworkOUTPUTPROCESSINPUTApply statistical treatment and analysis of data gathered from related studies. Conduct an experiment using SHAREit app and Bluetooth device in an android phone.Students will be satisfied will have a knowledge in analyzing the differences between the two.

Gather information aboutthe topic.Survey response of the students regarding to the topic.FeedbackOUTPUTPROCESSINPUTApply statistical treatment and analysis of data gathered from related studies. Conduct an experiment using SHAREit app and Bluetooth device in an android phone.Students will be satisfied will have a knowledge in analyzing the differences between the two.

Gather information aboutthe topic.Survey response of the students regarding to the topic.FeedbackStatement of the Problem1.

What would be the student’s evaluation in using SHAREit application and Bluetooth device in terms of:1.1. Compatibility; and1.2.

Functionality2.How does SHAREit application differ from Bluetooth device?HypothesisH0 – The Students presumed that SHAREit application is a better file sharing app than Bluetooth device.H1 – The students presumed that Bluetooth device is a better file sharing device than SHAREit application.H0 – The Students presumed that SHAREit application is compatible in any operating systems.

H1 – The Students presumed that Bluetooth device is compatible in any other operating systems.Scope and Limitations of the StudyThe purpose of this study is to know the differences and similarities of any file sharing applications and devices including SHAREit application and Bluetooth. This will also determine the evaluation of the respondents in using any file sharing devices or applications including SHAREit application and Bluetooth.The researcher limits the study at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Quezon City Branch located at Don Fabian Street, Commonwealth, Quezon City.Significance of the StudyTo the students, this study is for the students to know more about the file sharing application and device and in order for them to further differentiate the two.To the future researchers, this study will be a helpful to them as a reference when they are creating a research that is related to this study.

Definition of Terms1.Wavelength – it is the distance between corresponding points of two consecutive waves.2.Radio wave – wave from the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum at lower frequencies than microwaves.

3.Application – is any material, product or a program which is designed for end-user to use.4.Device – A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.

5694947-323883Chapter 2 REVIEWS OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIESThis chapter provides support in details and information to promote understanding of the nature of the study. It contains literatures and studies shown by different researchers and authors who worked on similar topic conducted in this study.A modern study of Bluetooth Wireless Technology (Mrs. Pratibha Singh, et.al, August 2011).

This research introduces the challenges that Bluetooth encounters in order to have a successful outcome today. The researchers of this topic described many of the issues including those unspecified by the current standards.Study of Bluetooth Technology and its Impacts (Waqqas ur Rehman Butt, et.al, 2008). This research consists the study of Bluetooth Protocol.

They conduct a comparative study of Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11.According to the researchers Alatishe A.A, et.al in the research entitled DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A FILE SHARING APPLICATION FOR ANDROID, it says that “File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents, or electronic books.

“According to Felix Oberholzer-Gee, et.al (File-Sharing and Copyright,2010), it states that “File-sharing technology considerably weakened copyright protection, first of music and software and increasingly of movies, games, and books. The policy discussion surrounding file sharing has largely focused on the legality of the new technology and the question whether or not declining sales in music are due to file sharing.”Core Security said, “Lenovo gave a SHAREit named useful application to smartphone users, using which users can share files and folders over a WiFi network very easily. SHAREit creates a network bridge between two smartphones and PCs, during file sharing process.

This application is freely available on the App Store of Android and Windows. Our researchers have found several security issues in this application and criminals can exploit these flaws for security byepass and information leak process.”According to SHAREit website which is shareitforwindows.com, it states that “The SHAREit application allows you to share huge files without using any data connection. While Bluetooth has never been able to share the contacts, ShareIt can do it within a matter of seconds. ShareIt can be used on Windows, Windows Phone, Android or iOS devices.

“According to the Article “SHAREit: It is an alternative for Wireless content sharing” it states that “In transfer field, SHAREit competes with Xender, Zapya, Share Apps, SuperBeam. In addition to transferring files, SHAREit’s services also include CONTROL and CLONEit. Shareit’s Windows Phone app is now named SHAREit (Official) and the older app renamed to SHAREit (Unofficial) which was developed by Paradox.”In the Article “JUGGERNAUT BOOKS TO FEATURE ENGLISH AND HINDI VIDEO SUMMARIES ON SHAREIT” it states that ‘Publisher Juggernaut Books on 13 July announced its partnership with content platform SHAREit, enabling its Indian users to access English and Hindi video summaries of its books.’ ‘SHAREit and Juggernaut will collaborate on a steady pipeline of books and continue to scale up the partnership to bring exciting content to the users,’ the publishing house said in a statement.”Engineers Garage… inspiring creations states that “At the physical layer, the Bluetooth RF transceiver is positioned.

At around 79 Bluetooth channels are placed with a space of 1MHz. Transmission of data and voice are achievable at short distances and thereby creating Wireless PANs. A Bluetooth device is comprised of an adapter.

A Bluetooth adapter can be available in the form of a card to connect the device or integrated into an electronic device.”According to the website of Bluetooth (news entitled, “One Year After Launch, Bluetooth Mesh Adoption Surpasses Expectations”, July 25, 2018) states that “Bluetooth mesh networking enables many-to-many (m:m) device communications and is optimized for creating large-scale device networks. Designed to meet the scalability, reliability, and security requirements of commercial and industrial environments, Bluetooth mesh is powering smart building and smart industry implementations where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to communicate with one another effectively. From factories to hospitals, airports, retail stores, and the home, Bluetooth mesh supports building services that bring real value to owners, operators, and occupants.” SHAREit (Dev, September 2018) says that “SHAREit is one such improvement. The application is a sharing platform that allows the user to share data from and between various devices.

Apart from being a sharing application, it is also a transfer tool, that is easy for the users to master.”According to rockykoston’s post about SHAREit app in Lenovo Forums, he said that “I am sure there might be other apps out there but I have yet to find a con with this app to recommend anything else. It has been very helpful in connecting and transferring data between all my devices.”Article entitled “Bluetooth Mesh Will Be a Hot Topic at Bluetooth World 2018 (Martin Woolley, September 2018) states that “Bluetooth mesh is designed for applications like smart buildings, where lights, switches, sensors, and other building systems work together to create an efficient and even self-optimising environment. But users, like building managers, also need to be able to monitor and control their network and the devices it contains.”Article entitled “File Sharing Gone Wrong: What You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery” (Martin Horan, September 2018) states that “Disaster recover is an important file sharing solution feature that is easy to overlook.

You might be more worried about solution price and data security, forgetting to ask about disaster recovery in your selection process. However, disaster recovery plays a vital role in maintaining productive operations, with your backups essentially working as an insurance policy against lost data.”Inigo Puy (Bluetooth, 2008) “Bluetooth is a standard used in links of radio of short scope, destined to replace wired connections between electronic devices like cellular telephones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), computers, and many other devices. Every year we have to add new peripherals to our computers and the need to replace the wired connections is more important every year. That is why the Bluetooth technology is going continue expanding with the support of the industry of Computer science and of Telecommunications, which in some way guarantees the success.

“Bluetooth wireless technology basics by hp invent says “Because BWT-enabled devices operate in the unrestricted 2.4-GHz ISM band, numerous manufacturers can develop BWT-enabled products to use this frequency band. From PDAs that automatically synchronize contact information with your laptop and cell phone, to a car that automatically adjusts the seat and mirrors as you approach it, Bluetooth wireless technology will eventually unite all the gadgets in your world and change forever the way you work and play.”Bluetooth Technology: Principle, Applications and Current Status (Simranjit Singh Chadha, et.al) states “Most commonly described application of Bluetooth is its use as a “cordless computer” which consists of several devices that include a Personal Computer (PC) that possibly may be a laptop, mouse, keyboard, printer, joystick, scanner, etc., each of which is equipped with a Bluetooth card.

No cable connections are there between these devices and Bluetooth enables seamless wireless communication link between all of them, importantly replacing which is today achieved through use of combination of parallel and serial cables or infrared links. Apart from this Bluetooth has the potential to be used for much more than a technology for wire replacement. Low cost and low power consumption make it an attractive solution typically for the mobile devices.”Webcore (Best mobile file transfer application SHAREit). “Gathering share isn’t something you can do using the Bluetooth exchange. SHAREit enables you to exchange documents to various gadgets in the meantime.

Along these lines, you can spare both time and exertion.”Jason Wang, Managing Director, SHAREit India (Ndtv.com).

“We are very proud and grateful to all our users globally. SHAREit is a popular app across all age groups and it has become the most valuable social content-integrated distribution platform in the emerging markets. It also provides a platform and makes an important effect in the fields of music, video, picture, application.”Dinesh Ram, Electrical Engineer, Law student (Quora.com) “Bluetooth 4.

0 is an upgrade from Bluetooth 3.0 that includes a power-saving feature called “low-energy technology.” Basically, Bluetooth 4.

0 is three Bluetooth specs in one. Bluetooth 4.0 not only uses the new low-energy technology, but also relies on high-speed data transfers introduced in Bluetooth 3.0 and so-called classic Bluetooth technology found in older Bluetooth specifications. The tricky thing is that Bluetooth 4.0’s low-energy technology is not compatible with existing Bluetooth devices. However, that doesn’t mean your new Bluetooth 4.

0-equipped smartphone wouldn’t be able to work with a Bluetooth 2.1 headset.”News4c “SHAREit – Transfer Files Without Losing Quality” (Darrel S. Rivers). “Considering that SHAREit supports all types of file formats, people who are thinking about purchasing a new smartphone should consider giving SHAREit a try. The reason we are saying this is because SHAREit can be used to transfer important files such as synchronized contacts, appointments and notes from the older smartphones to the new one.”5662863-331904


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