Through the family.Tabula Rasa . Freud claimed

Through the family.Tabula Rasa . Freud claimed

Through socialization, individuals learn the values, norms and beliefs of a given societySocialisations begin the minute a person is born. Socialization is the lifelong process whereby individuals come to acquire a sense of their culture and developing their human potential ( Macionisi 2008).through socialization one learns the cultures language ,their role in life and what is expected from them.

socialisation is a very important process in the forming of personality. A child’s parents are the first socialization agents he or she will come into contact with. Parents teach their children. The social order is maintained largely by socialization. Unless the individuals behave in accordance with the norms of the group it is going to disintegrate.There are two major source of socialisation that affects children which are primary and secondary socialisation.

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Under primary socialisation, family is the most important agent of socialisation for children because the first contact is with the family.Tabula Rasa . Freud claimed that the first few years of a person’s life, those usually spent amongst primary groups are the most important in forming the structure of the person’s character. Children learn their values, norms, and beliefs from their family. As children are socialised they learn which behaviour are acceptable and which are unacceptable. Household govern behaviour, interpersonal behaviour serves as a model for interactions with outside people.

Socially valued qualities such as generosity and caring are learned through example within home and in the culture (Zimbardo, 1988).In addition, if new individuals of the society are not taught the believe ,norms, or culture of the society, the structured in that society will not have a close understanding of each other. Secondary socialization refers to an on going


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