This continually reminding Hally that he’s a

This continually reminding Hally that he’s a

This short quote well-known shows the tragedy of apartheid. Hally is really keen on Sam and Willie – they’re like circle of relatives to him. while Hally is in a good temper, he espouses lofty beliefs of social alternate, equality, and progress.

but, whilst he starts off evolved to lose manipulate, his dark aspect comes out. He has surely been tormented by his upbringing – his father is racist, continually reminding Hally that he’s a white man in apartheid-era South Africa. This quote exhibits that Hally has internalized the cruel and derogatory shape of apartheid and uses it to hurt Sam while Sam says something Hally does no longer need to listen. “He’s a white man and that’s good enough for you.” (pg.

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53 )Given South Africa’s history of civically and socially promoted racism, Hally’s comments that Sam has “never been a slave” and that “we”—meaning, presumably, “enlightened” white South Africans like Hally—”freed Sam’s ancestors… long before the Americans,” reveal a blind, even pitiful, ignorance. Hally is so unconscious an inheritor of his society’s prejudice that he finds it acceptable, as a member of the “elect” white race, even to argue with Sam about who is a more appropriate role model for black freedom and equality.


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