There small phone flashlights, they wanted to take

There small phone flashlights, they wanted to take

There is literally no/barely conflict in this. Random story.
Once upon a time, there was a young teenager who loved being in the dark. His name was Timothy (Tim-o-thee), he was told to not go out in the dark that much because of the “special people” were gonna catch him and do terrible things to him. Timothy’s best friend Catrina (Cat-ri-na), was by his side when they were walking home and it got too dark. Catrina always act bold unlike Timothy, he stands behind her and tries to act normal. As they try to find their way with 2 small phone flashlights, they wanted to take a shortcut and turned a corner. A strange 6 ft tall man offers some weird, never seen before candy. Timothy and Catrina politely declined, but suddenly, the man pulled out a folded napkin and made them smell it…, the napkin was sprayed with melatonin, or so they thought. The chemical was so strong it made them sleep from 3 feet away. Catrina woke up finding themselves tied and taped mouth. She woke Timothy up but at the same time, a blinding light shined on them as the trunk of the car opened. They were taking and strapped to a chair. The man had some friends with him, two of them had a full syringe of a red liquid inside. The teenagers were injected with the red fluid and their skin had turned bright red like anger. They were put in a room with only each other untied. After the men had waited 10 or so minutes, they kids had woken up and started arguing to each other with hatred in their eyes. They fought and fought 24/7 until one day, they fainted and it looks like the red fluid’s effects worn off. The men were celebrating in delight. They posted pictures of the result on social media talking about their “revolution”, and who they were evil scientists.The kids woke up in the same corner they turned on feeling so numb that they could faint again. Timothy and Catrina went their separate ways because the effects of the chemical made them hate each other. They moved to new schools and houses to stay away from each other. But the super delayed effects of the chemical coursed through their veins. They tried to find each other, killing anyone in their way. Timothy was no match for Catrina’s karate and self-defense, but he didn’t care. A stand-off kicked in and in the end, Catrina won. She realised what she had done, as she flashes back on her happy memories with her best friend. She took Timothy’s weapon and commited suicide.


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