there user and they will feel less confident

there user and they will feel less confident

there are many types of bullying like physical, mental,sexual,written and verbal, bullying can affect their self esteem and mental health and make them less confident. eg. in a care home a care worker is physically and verbally abusive to a service user and they will feel less confident and will not have the courage to speak up due to the fear and effct of the bullying. bullying has lots of effects like disempoermnet as the bully wold make that person feel less powerfull and confident because of the bullys actions, this will lead to them being lonely and stressed because they are being treated differently than others and they would feel like they are being pushed out of society if its extreme. eg. in a care home a worker is bullying her servic user verbally atacking her abut her apperance and why she can never do anything her slef this goes on for weeks, she threatens the service users saying if you sy anything you will see the end to yourslef and noone will want to help you, ebcause of this the srvice usrd puts up with the bulyinh and her confidence hs lowered and is afraid to tell anyone which makes her vulnerbale, in the long run she could become depreesed and even think about suicide.


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