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There are many reasons for the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Many citizens of Syria were unhappy under the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. There was corruption in the government, many were unemployed, and there was a lack of political freedom. As the war has progressed there have been violations of Syrians’ rights. These include the many attacks on civilians. There are two clear sides in this war. There are the “rebels”, and there are the government forces. The countries backing President Bashar al-Assad and the government forces are Russia, Iran, and Iraq. The countries backing the rebels are the U.S., U.K., France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, and Jordan. The Syrian Civil War is a world conflict because multiple countries around the globe are involved and because a massive amount of territory in the Middle East is unsafe for civilians. There are refugees pouring into neighboring countries of Syria also making this an international problem. In current news, an airstrike from the U.S., U.K., and France came on April 14, 2018. The objective of launching the airstrike was to destroy factories manufacturing chemical weapons in Syria. The reason for the airstrike was because of a supposed chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma. There are also other problems, that are facing the Middle East regarding the conflict and displacement. One in every six people in Lebanon in a Syrian refugee. One in every sixteen people in Jordan is a Syrian refugee. A terrifying statistic that shows the situation getting worse is that 1,600 people died this month in Syria, and 2,000 were injured. Lastly, more than eleven million Syrians are displaced. An important decision needs to be made in Syria as the situation continues to get worse.
The U.N. has six main goals to pursue in Syria to keep it safe. Its first goal is to stop the violence in Syria, the second is to ensure the safety of the people there, the third is to have a change in leadership, fourth is to have people accounted for when serious crimes are committed, fifth is to destroy all chemical weapons, sixth is to identify the groups involved in the Middle East and discover what they stand for. The U.N. has taken action like starting programs to enforce these goals as their top priorities. In 2012 the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) was developed by the United Nations. This program’s goal was to keep peace in Syria. However, after multiple failed attempts of reducing violence, the program received a final extension for thirty days on July 20, 2012. The Human Rights Council and the General Assembly, both bodies of the U.N., are prompting the Syrian Arab Republic to stop attacks on civilians. The Human Rights Council also created the Commission of Inquiry on Syria to make sure Syrian citizens were being treated fairly and not being disregarded. The U.N.’s Security Council has made some resolutions. Resolution 2401 called for the end of fighting in Syria. Resolution 2393 renewed the ability to deliver aid across border and across line. Resolution 2336 allowed Russian and Turkish interference to end violence in Syria. They also welcomed them to begin a new election there. The U.N. has taken many actions to solve Syria’s problems.
Brazil does not want to interfere with the issue in Syria. Brazil’s solution for ending conflict in Syria is to stop fighting. Brazil’s only role in Syria was advising countries with great power to be responsible with their actions. Brazil did not want to allow military involvement in Libya in 2011 for the U.N. Security Council Resolution. Brazil also suggested a new election including all Syrian people. Brazil has made it clear it does not want to fight. Brazil has intent to be a friendly country. Brazil is interested in making trade deals with Syria and rebuilding its embassy in Syria. Brazil also wants to precede to use the embassy fully once it is rebuilt and restore all its diplomatic relations with Syria. Brazil’s objective with the Syrian Civil War is to stop the fighting entirely. The only solution Brazil wants is for the fighting to be over in the Middle East. If the fighting stops then Brazil can benefit from trade opportunities as the countries will be less focused on the war and focused on getting materials to rebuild through trade. Brazil is a friendly country that does not want to take part in this war and wishes it would be resolved.


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