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There are many different types of child abuse, within the child protection system there are four categories used: • Physical abuse- when a child has been physically hurt or injured through hitting, kicking, punching, beating with objects such as a shoe, strangling, burning and shaking are forms of abuse.

• Emotional abuse- when a child is constantly being treated badly by making them feel frightened, worthless, uninvolved or in jeopardy, this affect their emotional development. • Sexual abuse- “when a child is forced or persuaded into sexual activities or situations” by others. This could be through physical contact by touching or act of penetration or non-physical contact and making children look at pornographic materials. • Neglect- failure to provide children of food, clothing, medical care or shelter or not providing children with emotional needs.

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These constant forms of neglect will affect the child’s development and psychological needs. Bullying is also identified as a type of abuse, and bullying always has a distressing and often traumatizing effect on children and young people and must always be taken very seriously. Bullying occurs when an individual or group tries to tries to intimidate and torment someone and shows antagonism towards an individual. They do this through:• Name calling, spreading rumors, swearing or being rude (emotional)• (physical) pushing, shoving, punching or threatening to physically harm someone• being racist towards people of colour or religion- such as teasing or threatening to pull off a Muslim girls headscarf• sexual, such as homophobic mocking, inappropriate physical contact, sexual commentsCyber bullying is a new type of bullying that has been more frequent over the years, Cyber-bullying might be emotional, racist or sexual forms of abuse. This can happen through texts, social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Children and young people may be pressured into sharing private explicit photographs of themselves over the internet, and it can be very distressing for children as they are unable to get away from it, even within the safety of their home.

Self harm is when children or young people intentionally hurt themselves. This involves cutting, pulling out hair and burning themselves, children will usually do this secretly such as cutting their wrists or burning the inside of their thighs. Self harm often happens as a result of other types of abuse, such as being sexually abused might make them want to hurt themselves to lessen their emotional pain


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