The of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev . Indeed, Azerbaijan

The of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev . Indeed, Azerbaijan

The world community is more and more interconnected but it does not necessarily mean that individuals and societies really live in mutual understanding as disenfranchised minorities including the poor, women, youth and migrants still suffer from injustice and ignorance. We can admit the privilege of inter-ethnic relations when diverse migrant communities bring with them lifestyle and cultural practices, which are assimilated into mainstream culture.

Cultural pluralism offers contrasting outlooks and challenges existing presumptions. While it supports the heterogeneity, people are provided with a better understanding of themselves. Azerbaijan is a case in point.

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The positive, stable ideology gained by Azerbaijan shows us new prospects to operate more intensively and effectively in this sphere. “The state becomes richer if it is populated by many peoples because all of these peoples bring their own contribution to the world culture and civilization”, said the National Leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev . Indeed, Azerbaijan is a shining example of a modern Muslim country which combines local and global traditions and values, and make a practical contribution to the development of multiculturalism. Having been familiar with the Silk Road Paper “Azerbaijan’s Formula: Secular Governance and Civic Nationhood” , one can conclude that Azerbaijan’s Western and Eastern partners should view this nation as a largely successful and functioning laboratory for a well-balanced cultural pluralism.

We have a rightful claim to say that along with the Central Asian states, Uzbekistan has, just as in Azerbaijan, been promoting the joint appearance and common messages of the traditional leaders of Muslim communities for ethnic policy. Azerbaijani people deserves an appreciation for its rich traditions, and its complex history as part of an extraordinary region of the world, and the tremendous challenges this country has met in recent years. We see this nation as a stalwart champion of multiculturalism with global economic development, political stability and cultural vitality in the new millennium.


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