The happened, especially Cross, who takes full

The happened, especially Cross, who takes full

The Things They Carried A team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a goal.

In the novel, Cross sees his men as his team, and together, they have a goal. In agreeance with Donne, “Every man is a piece of the continent” no one man’s actions fall on just him. In Physics, Newton’s third law of motion states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ This concept signifies that as one thing happens, all are affected.

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For example, when Lavender dies, the whole team is in awe of what has happened, especially Cross, who takes full responsibility. Cross’ reaction, more so than others, is significant because he feels that his admiration for Martha caused him to let his guard down for himself and his fellow soldiers. The struggles of war present the need for stability. In trying to acquire this need, many miscomprehend the definition of a team, with their actions not having repercussions.

When Jenson breaks Strunk’s nose over a jackknife, he then because extremely paranoid, forcing the men to have to take further precaution as they do their jobs. A prime example of all things falling on one man’s back is Bowker. Norman Bowker was a quiet, yet harshly motivated soldier.

Bowker was intimidated by his father to earn medals in Vietnam. After a career of being mute on war, Bowker tries to talk the stress away but ultimately ends up taking his own life away. Responsibility for the things we can or cannot control, or the things we have or haven’t done, is a step in the workings of a team. The novel symbolizes the most important type of teamwork, as well as responsibility.

The men who survived have shown their ability to overcome any circumstance and take responsibility even when they’re not at fault.


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