The in life style rather than abnormal(Zeynep,.2018). As

The in life style rather than abnormal(Zeynep,.2018). As

The term Psychopathology is a scientific word that has evolved over the years; that involves studying maladaptive behavior, mental distress and, mental illness. Also, psychopathology is concerned with studying diseases elements which ifluence the mental state of people. (Weijers,.

2018)As we know about disorder, there are three mainly disorders that found psychopathology. There are deviance, distress, and dysfunction, and danger. According to Porreca, department of development psychology, she mention that deviant behavior is any behavior that is contrary to the dominant norms of society. As for deviance, it come from two norms that are deviance from cultural norms and deviance from statistical norms. Cultural norms, for example, forty years ago, most of American consider men wearing earing as abnormal but today it considered as differences in life style rather than abnormal(Zeynep,.2018).

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As for deviance from statistical norms, abnormal behavior is statically deviant from the norm. For example, a person who is extremely intelligent would be classified as abnormal.Dysfunction is abnormal behavior that tend to interfere with daily functioning.

It distracts with victims that they cannot take care for themselves properly. For instance, if person quit the job and have to leave the place to live where nobody there but the person doesn’t feel loneliness and satisfy the lfe.


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