The democracy they were old and out of

The democracy they were old and out of

The rise and fall of the Roman Empire as well as the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The rise and fall was seen throughout the empire. The Roman Empire walked through the silk road which was on of their trade routes and was introduced to christianity. The romans were being introduced to a new religion which was Christianity between 100 C.E and 600 C.E. The split of the empire drove it into chaos which took place in the East and Western parts of the empire. In a political standpoint of Rome it was changing a lot and becoming more and more difficult. Because their laws were from the Greeks foundation of democracy they were old and out of date for their growing population. This was an issue for Roman leaders as they were being overpopulated in the cities. While the decline of the Roman Empire was visible during 180 C.E they managed to keep hold until it split into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires because it was a decision made to maintain balance and avoid the whole empire falling at once, though the Western Empire later fell do to attacks from the Huns. Both empires were doing okay but the Eastern Empire was doing the best of the two because the Western Empire was dealing with political problems and was betrayed.


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