The are more because the customer rate

The are more because the customer rate

The Probability of arriving Patients finds system busy is obtained from the equationP_C= lim?(t??)??P_C (t)? See equation (10). If c=1 means there is one server and model gets reduced to one. Kumar et al. (2000b) has been observed in this case time dependent probabilities of the model are more because the customer rate ? is more also similar result obtain in c=2 that means case of two heterogeneous servers. Dharmaraja and Kumar (2015) found that Probability of arriving patients finds system busy is less for c=4 (four servers) when compared to c=3 (three servers). Therefore, if the number of server will be increased, then patients can serve by doctors or paramedical services without waiting time of the patients. Hypothetical data originates in Raipur capital of C.G., there is a central hospital situated at tatibandh, this hospital caters to population of more than five lakh people. The hospital consists of about 500 bedding and 25 medical units with about 50000 patients hospitalized annually. The data includes extensive information on patients flow though out the hospital over duration of several years. Now arrival of the patient is ?=25 per hour in Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT); for these patients there are four cabin of doctors (c=4) i.e. four server C1, C2, C3 and C4.


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