The because the important messages could be lost

The because the important messages could be lost

The Oxford dictionary describes Communication as “The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium”. It is a simple context, but it plays a vital role in establishing a Common sense of purpose in the workplace. The way in which we communicate is important, the nature, frequency style must be considered for communication to be effective. The who, what, why and to whom are important factors affecting the success of communication and a shared sense of purpose.For effective communication it is vital that only the necessary information is concentrated on because the important messages could be lost if there is a lot of unnecessary communication.

Messages should be clear and only targeted to those that you wish to reach. Not everything needs to be conveyed, the message should be fit for the audience. This could also waste a lot of an Organisations time.Good Communication can create job satisfaction in lower levels of an organisation because they need to know that the senior managers are demonstrating that they are too working towards the shared values. The senior managers of the Fire Service have scheduled visits to the stations, so they can answer any questions and inform the firefighters of their current objective. This is generally good for communication as the firefighters feel that their views are being listened to but there are also meetings between the Command staff as not everyone is comfortable sharing information or challenging decisions of the senior managers face to face.

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