The tells about the happiness of the whole

The tells about the happiness of the whole

The Ones Who walk away from Omelas, is also a fiction short story by Ursula K. Le Guin. It tells about the happiness of the whole town of Omelas, which is set by the sea. Like Miami Beach, it paints a picture of people living the life of contentment, simple and joyful living. Again, it is fiction but the setting is logical and realistic as it can be. It gives you a setting of relaxed, fun and enjoyed lifestyle… but with a prize.

At the middle of the city, in a room with no window filled with brooms, pales and all other filthy stuff, is a little boy who has suffered for the most part of his life… and the whole city knows about it. Almost all of the people know of his sufferings and hardships, except the little children who have not come to know him yet. But curious enough, no one would even dare to rescue him because of the norm that the city, and its entire people, will be destroyed. Their utopia-esque way of life would change and cease to exist. This is the set up. Then one day, a few people could no longer take upon themselves this set up, and knows very well, that the least thing to do is to disrupt this way of life, so these few decided to just “walk away”. Realistically, you are already on that bliss of a life, everything is going well, and then you will just walk away from it all… out of your conscience not taking it any more.

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Surely, this story presents not just a plausible future to avoid, but an irony that beg the question, would you be happy, at the expense of others knowingly suffering for that happiness. That is something that would want to recount of thinking. So basically, this story would want us to teach, to ponder about life; that it is totally unfair! The wrong notion that life is fair, that at the end of the tunnel is the rainbow or bright light of the future, is not living at the now. To think of about it, we encounter this kind of dilemma almost every day of our lives, do we choose to act, just be the spectator or walk away from it. Then from walking away from it, don’t you think you would’ve made any difference if you did something out of that situation? Isn’t that the same as not walking away from it?


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