The pregnancy care are most interrelated to

The pregnancy care are most interrelated to

The one of the most important reason for this is interest of surrogate mothers and commissioning parties can be secured, which means most of the problems or dissensions between them are high likely to be reduced. For surrogate mother, remuneration and pregnancy care are most interrelated to their fundamental interests. Because it is illegal, without any support from legitimate medical institutions, pregnant women are not given consideration to, which contributed to the survival rates of birth children in unguaranteed and physiological and psychological health problems. When surrogate mother give birth to child though innumerable hardships, because it cannot survive ultimately, there are not corresponding remuneration for her. Thus through conducting general physical examinations, a large proportion of genetic diseases and birth defects can be detected without delay, thereby decreasing the number of unhealthy children as far as possible. Thus the problem of handicapped children, which are not be claimed by both parties, could be solved and surrogate mother can be remunerated. Moreover pregnancy care can not only inspect the health of mothers and children, but also assist mother to recover as soon as possible after pregnancy. However if the operation is not done in a regular hospital, surrogate mother might commit disease such as infertility. Although there is no test to confirm that surrogacy directly increases the risk of postpartum depression, women could inevitably feel lonely and grieve after childbirth. This is not only due to the loss of a nine-month-old child, but also because personal details and intimate experiences may be leaked. Future life will be directly influenced by postpartum depression, potentially leading to a lifelong shadow or even suicide.


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