The theory in many respects. In international

The theory in many respects. In international

The meaning of power in dictionary is the ability to do things and to control others to ultimately achieve one’s purposes or goals. However, Robert Dahl, who has a slightly different and extreme take on power, defines it as the ability to get others to do what they otherwise would not do.International politics is the struggle for power, where there is politics and there is power. It is no surprise, hence, that the concept of power is fundamental to the study of world politics.

To remain in international political, it is very important to every actor to have the capability to determine other actors, and if you want to do this, you have to be strong powerful. In short we can say, international politics can start with power and end with power. All states want to achieve national power to fulfil their objectives and goals in internationalPower is one of the key concept of an IR theory in many respects. In international relations, the concept of power takes in a variety of meanings. We have political and economic power, civilian or military power, ideological and religious power, normative and legislative power to name a few.IR scholars use two definition of powerPower is an actor’s ability to exercise influence over other actors, state and non-state in within the international system.

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Such power is divided in too many aspects military and economic. Similarly, power is a state with a certain potential to influence the international system. There are several of power, depending on the amount of capabilities, superpower, great power and middle power. The important of power in the international politics as the key aspect and driver of any actor’s policy is the determined by the structure of the international system. As the context of action in international politics and the nature of international environment is the anarchy, the absence of the centralized authority to protect state from one another, each state have to survive its own. Therefore, states are by definition self-help agents, what make accumulation of power the main aim of any actor. While these assumptions are based on realist view of the international politics, liberals also share such security of concern.

The liberal approach proposes idea models of peaceful international structure in future, however does not deny important of power today. There is a huge difference between the concept of power in IR and political science, studying domestic politics.In political science power means the ability to influence or outright control over people, primary within social structure, such as state, company and party. In the most common sense power is an instrument of governance. In IR power means influence over formally equal and independent actors in an anarchic environment without any governing superstructures.”all sates are equal but capabilities are different ” said by kenneth weltz.

One of the famous definition and widely used definitions of power fall under this concept Weber defined power as the “probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite resistance”, regardless of the basis on which this probability exists Similarly, Blau defined “it as the influence over behavior through negative sanctions”.What is balance of power?We can understand that a balance of power is a state of stability between competing forces. In international relations, it refers to equilibrium among countries or alliances to prevent or protect any one entity from becoming more strong and, thus, gaining the ability to enforce its will upon the rest.

The system of ‘balance of power’ becomes important here. Balance of power is a system where three of five nations, more or less equal in terms of power, control world politics, and mention knowingly or unknowingly- a kind of a balance in world politics.


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