The and social sectors. My first major claim

The and social sectors. My first major claim

The main claim of the paper is that the using of machines brings welfare for the human. I will discuss on this paper, how the machines are helping the people in the educational, economical and social sectors.

My first major claim is that use of machines are very much essential for educational purposes. It is playing an important role on the students so that they could achieve their educational goal or spreading their education. We are living on the modern earth where technology is performing excellent by their wonderful tools. The modern technology has made so many kinds of machines that are supporting to the students to deal with a modern and scientific era. We can see the change on present era’s students if we think of the previous students. Almost all the time technology brings something that we could welcome to our daily life. Lim et al.

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discusse the benefits of machines in education. In the last twenty years, the investment of machinery in schools raised more than a hundredfold. The reason of this investment is that, the machinery intervene the educational environment which helps the students to analyzing information, solving problems, communicating and helping (Lim et al. 59). Machinery is the fundamental tools for students in educational purpose. Since the use of machinery has become crucial in education, this is why the students of this scientific era are definitely welcoming the new inventions of modern science.

Harris et al. argues that, the computer, CD ROMS, DVD, networking, and Internet technologies supports to improve on learning theory that will be helpful to increase the quality of students and teachers (Harris et al. 36). Since the use machinery in education has brought benefits for the men so, the value of machines as a medium of education cannot be denied.It is true that the advancement of computer has made possible to be done almost everything through the computer and over the internet. According to Laborda et al. computer is a widely adopted technology with correctly designed software which are beings used for creating and managing exams, also answering the result (1).

With the help of these tools, anyone can take any kind of exam through online. The computer also does the work of checking answer of exam and preparing result. The necessity of computers in modern education is unlimited. It is supporting students to know the modern world and helping to deal with the scientific education.

The uses of computer in education enhance peoples’ creativity and explore skill. The computers are inevitable throughout the research project. According to Follow’s saying, the data of a research can be accumulated through computer or the researcher can use the floppy discs, compact discs, pen drive or in memory card (Follow 2).

Computers are the most useful tools that make research process easier and faster. Additionally, it helps the researcher to verify the reason of the research topic. Twining argues that, any research is to undermine and investigate certain causes of an incident.

Computer is necessary for research, because it helps to know the specific causes of events (Twining 96). Since computer is a tool that is unavoidable during research and it is the spine for a research. This is how the technology is providing benefits us regarding education.

Projector is one of the most used technology in education. Teachers and students are taking the advantage of proper teaching and learning by using the projector in classroom. According to G.L. Schumann’s point of view, many teachers are using some technology such as power point presentation, web pages, simulations or other decision-making software, and APS net Education Center (1) materials. By the help of these instrumental technologies they are getting technical support, classroom tools and time (Schumann379).

The projector helps the teachers to create a bulleted power point presentation or organized note for the class. Before the use of projector in class, the teacher had to write notes on the board but now it is no more and this system of teaching is saving time. The second claim is how the machines are the fundamental elements of the economic development of a country. Usually the machines are used in agriculture, industry, transport, job, and banking. Aker and Mbiti states that, the quick receive of mobile phone brought positive change in Africa’s economics (Aker and Mbiti 208).

It plays a critical role in the persistent association between economic growth in this place.


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