The medium used to communication, information, entertainment and

The medium used to communication, information, entertainment and

The Internet has revolutionized the way we live and it’s one of the most innovative and important developments in history. It has connected the world in an exceptional ways and Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press, has helped spread information and knowledge at an exceptionally rapid rate. Millennial cannot imagine a world without the Internet it is a medium used to communication, information, entertainment and beyond. Social media as altered the way we interact and become the integral part of political discourse. The internet has been a catalyst for many entrepreneurs despite obstacle due to recession encouraging the need for net neutrality. It keeps the Internet open, fair and equal, which is also vital in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship.Net neutrality is important allowing the internet to level the playing field for all consumers.

Ensuring all content and information is treated equally, which is also imperative to freedom of expression, speech and information. Although cable companies appose network neutrality because they want to charge high prices on the amount of bandwidth consumed by content being delivered via the internet. Government does not intend to control the internet instead protect it and is for net neutrality. Reports have indicated that 5 % of their customers use about half the capacity on local lines without paying any more than low-usage customers. Telecommunication and cable companies indicate that metered prices are the right way to finance investment in network infrastructure. Broadband provider would need to disclose how they treat all internet traffic and on what terms they offer rapid lanes and would be required to act in a reasonable manner.

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Providers would not be allowed to block website and the proposed rules would require internet service providers to disclose whether they had favoured their affiliated companies that provide content.


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