The higher than it was 40 years ago

The higher than it was 40 years ago

The Industrial Revolution.

It began in Britain in the mid 1700’s and ended in the 1800’s and marked the beginning of a new era. One of drastic change, one of rapid urban growth, an era of countless inventions and has made our world more efficient. The goal of the industrial revolution was to make the world a better place, but the question everyone is asking is, did they really? The answer is yes, yes they did. The industrial revolution has inevitably changed the way that we, as humans, live our lives, and has succeeded in making a better world.The industrial revolution led to the migration of millions of people. Before the industrial revolution, people worked on farms and provided for their families using things grown on their farms and made the, but as industrialisation picked up, many job opportunities became available in factories. This encouraged people to move from the farms, to the city.

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By 1841, Britain’s population was 60% higher than it was 40 years ago in 1801. This is because of the The Industrial revolution brought many new inventions to Britain that it had never seen before, like quality roads, transport, and forms of new technology that had not existed prior to industrialisation. These inventions assisted in making a better world as they made hard labour and mass production easier.

An example of one of the useful inventions is the steam engine. The steam engine was invented in 1775 by James Watt. This marvellous invention greatly impacted the industrial revolution as it allowed manufactured goods to be transported quickly and easily and allowed companies to branch out and connect people at an astounding rate. Inventions like the steam engine are just one of the many reasons that the industrial revolution led to the making of a better world. Another factor that assisted the industrial revolution in making a better world is the increase in the overall standard of living. Without the industrial revolution, we wouldn’t have the quality of life we have today. It changed the old world into a more modern place and changed our way of life forever.


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