The System for the safety of the

The System for the safety of the

The Front Office Department uses an Emergency Button System for the safety of the staff and Property Management System secure sensitive data such as guest and staff personal and financial information.

3.2.1. Type of technology used in Front Office

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Table No. , Types of Technology in Front Office
Type of technology
Emergency Button
It is a button which allows request of assistance quickly and discreetly from your own colleagues
The green icon site on the PC screen, floating over all of your other programme
It is resizable and movable so that it does not get in the way of work
Help can be requested by clicking on-screen button itself, going to your system tray and clicking the icon there or using short keys on the keyboard, or directly pressing the green button
Duress alarm system can work without internet connection or being connected to the central service
Safety feature that prevents threat from being notified that you have requested help or prevent people who you may be requiring medical help from further panicking
Hence, similar to the panic button
(Little Green Button, 2018)
Property Management System (PMS)
A platform that allows a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, and billing (, 2018)
It delivers a software platform that can replace time-intensive, paper and spreadsheet-heavy processes
(, 2018)

Figure No: Property Management System (Anon, 2018)

3.2.2. Benefit of the technology

Table No. ,Benefit of Technology
Emergency Button
Ensure safety of staff
Able to alert your colleagues through the system that you require assistance
A safety feature is installed to prevent the threat or assailant from being notified that you have requested help (Little Green Button, 2018)

Low Cost & User Friendly
The duress alarm system uses existing computers and networks which keeps costs low
Many option such as physical panic button and keyboard shortcut to trigger the alarm (Little Green Button, 2018)

Property Management System (PMS)
Provides Security
Secure guests and staff personal and financial information such as credit card information
Establishing individual access levels ensures that only team members who have a need for sensitive data are able to view the information
(innRoad, 2018)
Verification of data information
The main user will be able to see who is doing a certain transaction
Hence, being able to monitor any suspicious activities in the date

3.2.3. Loophole of the technology

Loophole of the Emergency button is that it is not able to effectively summon assistance in various circumstances. Hence, the alarm can go unnoticed for unfortunate amount of time. (Hempel, 2018)
As for the Property Management System it does not encrypt data during transmission and not protected while in storage. Data encryption scrambles sensitive information so that it cannot be read or used by unintended viewers. Hence, a hotel PMS provider should utilize an advanced data backup system to ensure information is never compromised or lost. (innRoad, 2018)


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