The someone who is over the age

The someone who is over the age

The first one I will be analysing is ‘Social’. Social factors are very important to business. Zara as a fashion company need to ensure that they are staying up to date with what’s trending. Society and culture are important for businesses has been proved by research. Zara has social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is important for them to stay connected on social media so they can be promote their new releases and that updated with what’s trending especially with celebrities and beauty/fashion influencers. Also by using more than one social media site they are reaching out to all their target audiences as someone who is over the age of 40 isn’t likely to have an Instagram account.

Zara posts content which gives their target market an insight of what’s yet to come and any offers or upcoming deals. Schlossberg, M. (2018). Zara has one key advantage over Gap and J. Crew.

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online Business Insider. Available at: Accessed 3 Nov. 2018.


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