The will happen we need to remember that

The will happen we need to remember that

The first commandment of computer ethics is thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people. Computers were invented to use for a reason, it means we need computer to inform, be informed, to entertain, and be entertained and many more. So, for me, it means that we should not use the computer to mistreat or abuse someone. The most and common example of it is stealing someone’s work by the use of computer. Also, making some program to computer that may harm anyone is one example of it. We may not know for now how we’re going to make some programs that will definitely destroy others but I know that in the process of time we will able to learn those.

If that will happen we need to remember that we must not use it to do bad things. It is clearly said that it is unethical to use computer to harm another user. Changing and messing other people files is also unethical to do. An example of it is by sending a spam messages through someone’s email address it will harm someone by the means of it.

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