The take part as part of social norm.

The take part as part of social norm.

The event industry has played a vital role in our society as a result, it has helped people who are involved to be creative and come up with a lot of occasions for organizing events. There are a number of different types of events across the globe and these are educational events, birthdays, international conferences, company parties and music festivals that happens every year. These kinds of events have helped people to take part as part of social norm.

Additionally, these events provide opportunities for people to meet other people and socialise. However, there is often intense planning involved to make it successful. Most well attended events require a thorough and detailed planning process with also working with a lot of different stakeholders such as the municipality where the event will take place, people who are residing in the community where the event will take place, police to make sure security for people who are attending, event managers and event coordinators need to collaborate in order to formulate the most viable plan for events. In order to come up with a successful and well-organized event all stakeholders involved need to create a space where by everyone work together as a team. This case study will be discussing about a specific event in the festival and looking at what has taken into consideration on each and every time they host this.

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Festivals are part of our culture as and tradition because they are being celebrated annually and everyone often looks forward for that event. There has been growing numbers of people attending some of these events as part of cultural exchange and awareness, for example Rio festival, people come from all parts of the world to


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