The as a Student in Lord’s Hand AcademyChapter

The as a Student in Lord’s Hand AcademyChapter

The Effects of Being in a Relationship as a Student in Lord’s Hand AcademyChapter 01: IntroductionI. Background of the StudyThere is a saying that goes “A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future.” As such, people- particularly those young teenagers who are going through adolescence, are interested to experience what it is to be in a relationship. They want to experience an intimate relationship in which they cared for, and they are cared by someone they want to be with. Especially now that most movies with romance as their genre portray couples who are deeply in love, and no matter the problem, they prevail it because of love. And, according to a dictionary, relationship is “a romantic attachment to a certain individual of the opposite gender.

” In essence of these facts, students are moved to find their own “prince charming” and make their own happy ending. Thus, being in a love relationship is now a part of the students’ lifestyle today.Being in a relationship while studying may yield good or bad result. According to The Effects of Having a Romantic Relationship of Students while Studying: A Case Study of Senior High School Students of Mayapyap National High School. Retrieved from https://www.

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order now, “immaturity and lack of guidance are some of the reasons why being in a relationship has good and bad outcomes. An example of bad outcomes is teenage pregnancy which may happen to those students who are in a relationship. And an example of good outcomes is having an inspiration for both students to focus on their studies and achieve high grades in school.

“An article by Julia Schmidt, Brian Lockwood (2015), A Study of the Effects of Romantic Relationship Status on the Academic Performance of University Students. Retrieved from http://journals.sagepub.

com/doi/abs/10.1177/1521025115611614, “the result had shown that students are associated with class absences, but not with grade point average. Specifically, logistic regression models show that participation in a romantic relationship more than doubles the odds of failing to attend three or more class meetings per course in a semester.”Another article conducted by Alma Mae Bernales, Fretzy Colonia (2011), The Effects of Romantic Relationships on the Academic Performance of University of the Philippines – Cebu College Students (A.Y. 2011 – 2012).

Retrieved from, “It was found out that the time management of the respondents was imbalanced which entails that they were more focused in their romantic relationship than in studying. Anxiety and the time spent with the partner were found to be significantly related to academic performance.”II. Statement of the ProblemThis study aims to determine the effects of being in a love relationship on the academic performance of the students of Lord’s Hand Academy, and to compare the academic performance of those who are in a relationship and those who are not.

This study also seeks the profiles of the respondents such as gender, their age and their year level when they had their first relationship, the contributions of the relationship to the academic performance as perceived by the respondents.III. HypothesisAs a student, having a relationship while studying could be a double-edged sword, in which it may affect the students in a good way and in a bad way. Being in a relationship means a student will have an inspiration to do your best in your academic performance. A student will be determined to be good, so that the other one will be proud of him for who he is.

A student will not be strayed off the path with someone who loves him and is loved by him, to help him on his side.


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