The basic planning for the current project

The basic planning for the current project

The design idea is to invest in rich urban architectural heritage and to adopt this legacy as a fundamental, conceptual and formal reference based on sources Is essential to the design process in order to preserve our architectural heritage and its characteristics. Is now on a journey through the history of the original Iraqi civilization so that the project becomes a time-table for civilization Iraq is a time and place deep-rooted arches.In order to achieve the idea, it is necessary to build on three stages: the civilization of Babylon and Medina Mansur, and the present and the near legacy, based on the intellectual and formal consensus between the sources with Some with the requirements and nature of the project.

The planning of the city of Babylon and the mass gradients of the zakurat have been invested in basic planning for the current project site,Basic project block.He also invested in planning the city of Baghdad revolving at the level of all with the walls of the city and its four gates and a compatible formality systemWith the formal characteristics of the Babylonian theater,

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