The of safety and the rights of people.

The of safety and the rights of people.

The Code of Ethics for NursesTiffany RegaladoLong Island University BrooklynThe Code of Ethics for NursesThe International Council of Nurses (ICN) has four main codes that outline the standards of ethical management.

Two of the four codes are nurses and practice and nurses and the profession. For nurses and practice, nurses are individually responsible and accountable for the nursing practice they provide through their continual learning. Their judgments have to reflect well on their profession. The promotion of ethical behavior is maintained through the practice of safety and the rights of people. The code of nurses and the profession states nurses have the main role in developing and supporting the core values of professionalism. Nurses have to be conscious of the consequences of health that accompanies the natural environment and the protection and maintenance of it.For both codes practitioners and managers can set their own certain standards that contribute to the overall wellness of patients and the environment where the practice is being done.

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Also, they promote beneficial concepts to the nurses and nursing staff. Educators and researchers provide teaching and learning opportunities that are important for the nursing practice. The conduction and dissemination of certain areas that contribute to a positive impact on nursing and nurses are also done by educators and researchers in both codes. For the National Nurses Association, they connect with others through different modes of interaction for both codes.

The association also can lobby for the different conditions for nurses and the workplace.Some differences between both codes keep both codes separate from one another. For instance, practitioners and managers in code three, have workplace support on the dissemination and utilization of research the relates to nursing and health. Whereas in code two, nurses and practice, practitioners and managers establish systems for professional appraisal for continuing education and licensure renewals. Also, educators and researchers for code two promote the importance of health.

The educators and researchers for code three sensitize the importance of professional nursing associations. Lastly, for code two the National Nurse Association ensure continuing education opportunities and quality standards. In code three, they set guidelines and standards that relate to nursing research.

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