The many students are puzzled about the choice

The many students are puzzled about the choice

The aim of this essay is show the advantages of studying in a country different from ours. After high school’s graduation, many students are puzzled about the choice they have to make about their future.

Someone decide to give up studies to look for a job that can provide even a low salary. Others decide to go further with their studies and take up university. There are also young students who decide to take risks and go study abroad, far from their families and their comfort zone provides. One of the advantages of this brave decision is that studying in a country different from yours allow you to make new friends coming from different parts of the world. This might help you to become more open-minded and respect people who think differently from you.

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Moreover, if you go study in countries like Canada or Japan, you may also get the chance to get in touch with a more advanced technology. So if you decide to study engineering, maybe moving in another country is the choice to make since some countries offer a more advanced technology than yours. It is true that when you’re go study in another country you may suffer of homesickness after a while, and last but not least you may experience final problems, however in the first case you may stay tuned with your parents and friends with software which use voip calls like Skype, while for the second problem you may look for a part time job while you are studying. To sum up, I believe that the advantages of studying abroad compensate the disadvantaged because it offers you the possibility to broaden your horizons.


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