Technology navigating the web for the most

Technology navigating the web for the most

Technology is very important in todays life.

I believe students should learn the traditional way and learn by using technology. I think teachers should prepare students to know how to work and use technology. I am very efficient at navigating the web for the most part. I never realized this until now but I use Google to look up almost anything I don’t know or that I am unsure about. Looking up the information I am wanting to know is quick and easy. Some things you are trying to look up you have to word it correctly if not it will become hard to find the information you are needing.

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Discussing class in a form like twitter would benefit some. Some people would have a easier time learning notes this way. I personally don’t have a twitter account.

I could see it being easier for me to learn from reading off a list of comments from people I know or something I am wanting to know about. Using applications makes it easier to access information. Using my Google map application on my phone or my gps is more effective for me to find a location rather then a map. There is so many different applications and web address out there to find information you want or need.

My weakness is trying to know how to access all these. I don’t believe I will with how many of these there are in todays web.


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