Techniques the access.Port ScannerIn this method, a

Techniques the access.Port ScannerIn this method, a

Techniques used in cybercrimeAn unauthorized access is the main tool mostly used by criminals. The criminals also use some of the tools which help offenders to instigate the access.Port ScannerIn this method, a criminal investigates the ports to enter in the system network. By using this criminal investigate the TCP and UDP by sending some kind of data. This practice helps him to get the details of the port that is it open or closed.

Furthermore, a hacker focus to attack the open ends access illegally.Packet Sniffing The definition lies in the name of the tool. Sniffing is like drawing in the data search.

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In this the criminal use to search the flowing data across the computers. Lots of software are available namely packet sniffer etc. Mostly the software being used for troubleshooting the network problems.

On the other side, hackers use these tools for the wrong purpose.Password Cracking In this tool the criminal access the cache memory where all the logins sessions are saved. If a criminal gain the access to the computer’s memory he scrutinizes the system for the password.

Moreover, word combination being also used to capture the password. In this system, software is run which consider all the characters and symbols until the password is not found.Buffer FlowBuffer flow occurs when a program tries to enter or store the data in the temporary memory of the system. In this system, the computer is victimized by triggering a specific action. For example, damaging the data exchange of the computer.

In this process when the excess commands are or data flow increased this allows the criminal to victimize the computer by punching some sort of codes. These series enables the hacker to intrude into the computer.Keylogger offender Keylogger is very common software available on multiple domains.

Keylogger can also be a hardware device. These tools are used to figure out the computer logs. This tool monitors the keyboard expressions. The installed hardware or software captures the key expressions of the users. By this the criminal access the logs to find out login details and passwords


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