TANGIBLE The company has invested on infrastructure and

TANGIBLE The company has invested on infrastructure and

TANGIBLE RESOURCE Financial Financial resources are money available in different forms such as cash, securities and credit lines. Comcast gets its revenues through five business channels: cable communications contributes (62.1% of the total revenues in FY2012), cable networks (13.8%), broadcast television (12.8%), filmed entertainment (8.1%) and theme parks (3.

3%)Organizational It includes things such as human, financial, physical, and information resources. Comcast operates on employee diversity and inclusion. It has also restructured its telecommunication into three regions such as west, central, and northeast regions.

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as basic monopoly in many areas where government regulations still hold strong Physical These are resources that make the company run its day to day activities much easier and faster. The company has invested on infrastructure and adopted use of new technology in its operations. The company uses internet, cable TV, and cell phones.Technological These are devices that motivate company’s workers and give information. Comcast as a company has put more focus on training employees in the new evolving technology and how they can better relate to their customers. The company operate five different business segments: Cable Communications, Cable Networks, Broadcast Television, Filmed Entertainment and Theme ParksINTANGIBLE RESOURCES Human resource This is a department of an organization charged with management and looking at matters that relates to employment, such as recruitment and dismissal.

Comcast trainings are structured through online that focus on customer service, technical and leadership skills. These trainings prepare employees to take leadership roles Innovation resource This is the process of creating new ideas, unique products or improving some that are inexistence. The company has been involved infield has developed a tracking system for its installers Reputational resource This is the general opinion about the company’s image outside and steps to improve on it. The company uses social media sites such as twitter to bring TV contents to its customers directly by only clicking on a link to watch such contents. It is now well known for its customer satisfaction.

CAPABIITIES IN EACH FUNCTIONAL AREA DECRIPTION OF CAPABILITIESDistribution The companies use network quality in its distribution of services. Network quality facilitates real time delivery and reduces latency. Human Resources The company offers internal promotion into other departmental areas whenever there is need and proof of good leadership qualities.For people who would wish to further their educational ambitions the company gives tuition reimbursement. It operates with an emphasis on employee diversity and inclusionIt also offers training to employees and encourages growthManagement Information Systems These are systems that provide information to the management.

The company has developed software tool known as Autodesk that can pinpoint customer location quicker and easier. It can look on problem areas and initiate problem control before it arises. Marketing It has a sale force that strives to bring convenience to its customer by walking to customers houses to sign them up, instead of waiting on the phone for a very long timeManagement The company motivates their workers through many of their programs that offers comprehensive package in insurance services dealing with health. It also includes incentives such as paid vacation and sick-off days. They also award their workers with computers and give them movie tickets through partnerships with various businesses.

Manufacturing Research & Development WHICH ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE CAPABITLIES IS A CORE COMPETENCY? WHY?CAPABILITY DESCRIPTION OF WHY THIS CAPABILITY IS A CORE COMPETENCYResearch and development The company can engage in a lot of research and development to improve quality services to its clients. Investing in research will strengthen the company’s capabilities in dealing with various challenges involving inferior productsMarketing It can also ramp up its advertising campaigns and train its sales team on better sales techniques. This goes hand in hand with the service area, and by improving customer services the company offers its customers are less stressful and more fulfilling experience (Arline, 2015).Human resource Human resource is an integral part of organization.

employees are the driving force towards organization’s achievementsPart 2: Summary of the Firm’s Strengths and Weaknesses in Resources, Capabilities and Core CompetenciesSTRENGTH DESCRIPTION Resources The company’s strength lies in its entertainment factor segment; other segment is telecommunication services, such as internet, phone which has boosted broad customer baseCapabilities The company has achieved regional control as result monopoly in many areas where the government still hold strong.Outperformed Its Cable Peers in Terms of Customer GrowthCore Competencies Enhanced and Improved Customer ServiceWEAKNESSES DESCRIPTION Resources Maintaining equipments and infrastructure is very expensive to the company thus eating on its revenueThe company has been drawn in legal proceeding resulting in loss of cash thus affecting her resources Capabilities programming license fees charged by cable networks and amount for retransmission of local broadcast television stations’ signals and by the number of video customers the companyserves and the amount of content it provides Core competencies Continuous legal battles and programming expenses affects cash flow operations


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