Talks deeper into the importance of Artificial

Talks deeper into the importance of Artificial

Talks about the 7 beneficial ways in which AR is for marketing: the manner in which it is richly immersive and interactive for user experience, how the content is personalized, how it allows readers to connect to publishers, it is also beneficial so that it can reduce language barriers , it’s a great billboard and awareness spreader, it also plays a guidance role in decision making.
Begins with the introduction and definition of Artificial intelligence. it the elaborates on its participation on the Neural networks, Machine learning, Present day (Deep Learning). it then goes deeper into the importance of Artificial intelligence through the repetitive learning and discovery, it the explains add intelligence data
Discusses artificial intelligence as well as artificial intelligence and marketing which include our common application services such a Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google. also talks about the different ways in which communication can be affected. The further communicates the difference of augmented reality and virtual reality


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